Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Momma Dee Angry At Tweets Insulting Her Sex Scene With Husband Ernest On 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta'


Momma Dee
On the latest episode of the reality show "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta" 52-year-old aspiring rapper, Momma Dee, started getting intimate with her husband Ernest. VH-1 included said scene that provoked a variety of reactions on Twitter.com, as it featured Momma Dee rubbing and licking Ernest's nipples. It was too much. Most were in shock this scene was on television.

Momma Dee's tweets on Twitter in response to criticism on the site over her sex scene on "Love And Hip Hop Atlanta"
Some people on Twitter made jokes about the scene, while others complained stating the couple is "too old" to be engaging in such graphic conduct on television. Momma Dee was hurt and upset by public reaction on social networking and fired off a series of tweets in response to what she read. The main item she posted on Twitter stated, "Me and my husband was not trying to have sex people...its reality television! Y'all don't see no shower rods! Sex is better after 50 anyways." 

A sampling of public reaction on Twitter
If people want to have sex at 50, 60 or even age 90, that's their business. However, the scene featuring Momma Dee and Ernest was inappropriate for viewing on VH-1 and at a respectable hour. Many young people watching the show were shocked to see them engaging in foreplay. Momma Dee is a lovely woman and Ernest is a nice looking man, but they need to use discretion next time and not agree to that type of graphic scene.

Side Bar: Do you guys remember when Momma Dee's dentures flew out. She'd make a decent comedic actress (LOL).