Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hollywood And Sexual Dysfunction: Threesomes, Orgies, Sadomasochism And Pedophilia

Hollywood likes to set a bad example for the public in encouraging dysfunctional sexual behavior, as many of their minds are so dulled to reality and the simple pleasures of life, they need something extreme to cut through their jaded souls, in order for them to feel anything. Hollywood gets into dysfunctional sexual practices on a regular basis and it permeates their projects. 

In Hollywood, romantic sexual relationships between a man and a woman is considered too normal. So they engage in debauched threesomes and orgies. They become so sexually dysfunctional that a monogamous sexual relationship fails to arouse them. They label promiscuous sex a good time...until the medical exams come back positive for sexually transmitted diseases.

Hollywood stars are also known to get into cutting (using knives to cut one's flesh and that of others for stimulation) and sadomasochism in trying to get aroused and feel something sexual in trying to achieve orgasm. They keep pushing boundaries further and further, until some, not all, end up in pedophilia, which is highly illegal and sick. Pedophilia is a major problem in Hollywood. However, due to the celebrity status of stars in Hollywood, the FBI has looked the other way, while kids are raped and sexually abused by famous stars and wealthy executives. 

Mental problems and STDs plague Hollywood. The highly risky sexual behavior present in the industry has destroyed the lives of many people. Women who date or marry famous men usually end up heartbroken, as said males have been broken into a pattern of promiscuity, leading to them becoming sex addicts who are always cheating.