Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Amber Heard Went Out Partying And Smiling The Day After She States Johnny Depp Beat Her

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
 Mentally troubled actress, Amber Heard, has come under fire for claims she made alleging her actor husband of a little over a year, Johnny Depp, beat her with his mobile phone. TMZ found photos of Heard laughing and smiling while partying with friends the very next day, with no signs of injury. One of Heard's friends also quickly deleted a photo from Instagram showing the actress smiling with no injuries. This contradicts the photo Heard took the day before and had her lawyer enter into the court record showing big bruises on her face.

Heard called police during an argument she was having with bereaved Depp, whose mother had just died. Depp's family and friends state Heard has been very unsympathetic about his mother's death and kept picking arguments with him. She chose to swoop in at his most vulnerable point, while he is grieving his mother, demanding millions of dollars in a divorce settlement. 

Amber Heard
The fact still remains, when police responded to Heard's call of a domestic dispute, they saw no injuries on her or signs of a struggle in their home. Heard never told police Depp hit her. However, now she is stating Depp had hit her numerous times in the past and on the day she called police, who have publicly stated they saw no signs of injury. 

Depp's bodyguards are also stating Heard had screamed "stop hitting me" prompting them to rush into the room within seconds, but when they got there, Heard was on a sofa and Depp in the kitchen, way too far away from her to have been hitting her. Depp's bodyguards are also stating they have pulled her off him in the past, after Heard violently lunged at and hit him.

Amber Heard went out partying and smiling with friends the day after she alleged Johnny Depp beat her

There was also the strange incident Heard got Depp involved in during a trip to Australia. Heard is accused of falsifying and forging immigration documents, then smuggling her dogs into Australia, in an incident that provoked the displeasure of the Australian government. Heard smuggled her two Yorkshire terriers into Australia without declaring them on immigration papers, which is a criminal offense. 

As a general rule, one is not allowed to smuggle in undeclared pets, meats, fruits or vegetables into countries, including America. Animals must have the necessary paperwork regarding health records and sometimes face quarantine. Disease can easily spread to nations via undeclared items that go on to wipe out pets, livestock, fruits and vegetation. Heard was forced to make an apology to Australia on television for violating their laws, with an embarrassed and depressed looking Depp by her side. Heard was facing 10-years for the offense.  


Depp's daughter Lilly Rose rushes to his defense on Instagram
Heard is not a rich actress. Yesterday, I looked over her list of films. They are not big films and the types of parts she was given prior to Depp, doesn't pay huge sums of money. Heard was not broke, but she was not rolling in money either. Since dating and marrying Depp, she was given roles in big budget films that are slated to be filmed shortly ("Justice League Part One" "Justice League Part Two" and "Aquaman"). However, Heard hasn't done the work yet. Therefore, she has not collected full payment for the three big budget films and she is still not the star of said movies, which means lower pay. 

Before getting with Depp, Heard did not have a lavish lifestyle, as she could not afford it. Since getting with Depp, she has stopped using commercial airlines and been flying on his private jet, while living in opulent surroundings she simply could not afford on her own. There's nothing wrong with a spouse elevating the lifestyle of the person they have married. However, Heard is a massive gold digger, who thinks there is money to be had from Depp's $400,000,000 fortune. 

Amber Heard and Tasya Van Dee
Heard pretended to be straight to get Depp's money, while cheating on him with women. Now she is in a position to ditch the older actor after a year of marriage, take his money and openly return to her lesbian lifestyle with young women, rather than privately cheating on him with other lesbians. Prior to dating Depp, Heard was with lesbian sex partner Tasya van Ree for years. Heard was secretly married to van Rae and had even changed her last name. In documents she was known as Amber van Ree.   

I can't believe Depp allowed himself to be suckered like this. When you have that much money or the potential to earn large sums, you must get married with a prenup. Actually, I don't advise anyone getting married without a prenup. I have seen people in the industry, as well as some outside of it, completely rip off others in acrimonious divorces. 

Newspapers have stated Cara Delevingne and Amber Heard are having an affair
My attitude is if you didn't earn the money, you shouldn't be getting half of it. By all means, if your spouse needs spousal support to survive, help them out. Don't let them become destitute and fall on hard times if you can prevent it. However, they should not be able to wipe you out in court, taking huge chunks of what you've worked for in your career. There's something so wrong about that.

Depp married Heard with no prenup and in California, one of the riskiest places to do so, as spouses are entitled to half of everything you earned and bought during the marriage, in said state which labels marital assets "community property." After 1-year of marriage and terrorizing Depp, under state law Heard is entitled to walk away with millions of dollars and property. That is ridiculous and so wrong. However, it's the law. Depp has kids. If anyone is to get his money, it should be his offspring.