Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tyga Loses Bentley And Lamborghini Automobiles For Non-Payment


26-year-old rapper Tyga spread himself too thin financially and his assets are being repossessed left, right and center. Not only was Tyga evicted from a mansion he was renting in the Hollywood Hills, according to the website TMZ, two of the rapper's cars have been reposed. Tyga’s Lamborghini and Bentley were repossessed over missed payments on cars worth a combined total of $500,000. The Mercedes SUV he owns is up for repossession as well, but the car dealer has been unable to retrieve it from the home of Tyga’s girlfriend, reality star, Kylie Jenner, who lives in a gated community. 

Tyga and Kylie Jenner
Tyga leased and financed luxury items to keep up appearances, but he did not have a steady income stream to cover the price of the items. To create and maintain an inaccurate image, Tyga got himself into massive debt and is losing all his assets as a result. It is better to by a simple condo/flat and one car, than to lease a massive mansion and buy three cars you can’t afford to pay for long term. All his money just went down the toilet, whereas he could have paid off and owned free and clear the condo/flat and one car with that same money he used to lavishly lease a mansion and finance 3 vehicles, none of which are his now. 

Tyga and his Mercedes SUV he gave to Kylie Jenner
He’s not the only one doing this. A number of entertainers are leasing and financing homes and vehicles they can’t afford, to portray an inaccurate image about their finances, for social networking (Instagram) and television. There are many people in this world, such as myself, who are not impressed by displays of wealth. You’re getting into debt to keep up appearances, when many people don’t care about such things.