Thursday, April 14, 2016

Lebron James Wife Savannah James Is Catching On Regarding Cheating Rumors


Lebron James and Savannah James
Yesterday, a groupie from Florida, Rachel Bush, came forward and stated basketball star, Lebron James, sent her a private direct message on Instagram. It made many websites and blogs, as many assumed James was trying to cheat on his wife, Savannah James. A year ago, James flew promiscuous, adulterous singer, Rihanna, on his private jet to meet him at a basketball game, while his wife stayed home. It would have remained quiet, but reporters began posting items on social networking about Rihanna strange behavior in the stadium tunnel, repeatedly calling for Lebron.

Rachel Bush
Rihanna made it worse posting a flirty video to Lebron on her social networking page, while boarding his private jet. Rumors had been flying regarding them prior to that incident as well. The whole thing was disgraceful due to Rihanna's arrogant behavior and it set tongues wagging about an adulterous affair. 

An item posted by Lebron James' wife Savannah James, around the time the Rihanna adultery rumors began flying

Around that time, Lebron's wife posted an item to Instagram that was pretty telling, revealing she knows something is going on. Savannah is pretty, can cook, keeps a lovely home and takes care of Lebron's children. She doesn't deserve disrespect, as she is his wife. She constantly shows him love online and supports his endeavors. People should not be disrespecting their marriage or anyone else's, as it takes commitment and effort.