Thursday, April 28, 2016

Rachel Roy And Rita Ora Backtracking On Brags About Cheating With Jay Z After Beyonce’s Angry Fans Slam Them Online

Jay Z and Beyonce
Rachel Roy and singer Rita Ora are back tracking on brags they made online, in response to singer Beyonce’s new album, correctly accusing husband, Jay Z of cheating. The Judiciary Report has it on very good authority that Jay Z cheated with both women. He also cheated on Beyonce with singers Rihanna and Blu Cantrell, whom his daughter is named after. 

Rachel Roy
It was unwise for Beyonce to expect fidelity from a man like Jay Z. From the beginning of his career he has slept with every woman he can. Prior to becoming a rapper, when he was a crack cocaine dealer, he used drug money to get women. He has been promiscuous for a longtime and has no intention of changing. He married Beyonce for bragging rights. Then his protégé Rihanna became more famous for a time and he had regrets. Jay Z has cheated with Rihanna the most. Jay Z only loves himself, money and fame. However, Rihanna has kept her mouth shut, as she is afraid of him and what he would do to her career. 

Rita Ora (right) wearing same dress this week that Beyonce (left) wore in music video months ago
Ora is trying to get out of her contract with Jay Z’s Roc Nation, having filed a lawsuit right after he got her sued and humiliated online, due to giving her false assurances about unlawful copyright theft and invasive conduct. Roy is no longer married to Jay Z’s former partner, Dame Dash, so she was showing off online. Who told them to do that (LOL). Neither Roy or Ora banked on Beyonce’s fans reacting so virulently and threatening to beat and kill them (which is wrong by the way, stop threatening people). They also did think through the consumer consequences, as people will boycott Roy and Ora’s products over messing with someone‘s spouse and make it worse bragging about it.

Rita Ora inappropriately hugging and leaning on Jay Z
The way I see it is this, when I read about Beyonce’s lyrics, calling out a “Becky with good hair” for cheating with her husband, I knew it wasn’t me and didn‘t apply to me, so I ignored it. That’s how most people looked at the lyrics. The mere fact Ora and Roy got their drawers all in a knot and responded, arrogantly showing off about it on social networking, was a dead giveaway regarding all the rumors in the industry about them cheating with Jay Z. If it doesn’t apply to you, why get cocky, reference it on social networking in a sly way and take a dig at Beyonce for singing it. You outed yourselves. You waded into that with your behavior - don’t cry victim. You should have kept your mouths shut like 3D forehead Rihanna.

Jay Z and Rihanna
In short, stop messing with people’s spouses. At the end of the day, marriage is sacred. No one should be cheating with anyone’s spouse. It's a hurtful, damaging thing. People’s marriages should have a chance to succeed without outside interference.