Sunday, April 3, 2016

Gary Neville Let Go As Coach Of Valencia FC Proving Being A Football Manager Is Not As Easy As It Looks

Gary Neville

Former Manchester United FC star, Gary Neville, has been let go as manager (coach) of La Liga side Valencia, after 4-months on the job. Neville, a former television football pundit, a career he embraced after his successful spell at Manchester United, realized firsthand it is not easy being a manager, after spending years criticizing coaches on TV. Neville is very passionate about football and this is where his criticism of managers emanated from in his scathing critiques.

Twitter teasing Neville about being let go from Valencia

Under Neville, Valencia lost several games at slipped to number 14 on the La Liga table. This recent development regarding Neville supports the March 3, 2016 Judiciary Report article "Football Great Zinedine Zidane Going Through Rough Patch As Manager Of Real Madrid (Do Legends Make The Best Coaches)." Top footballers often have a difficult time becoming successful managers.

 Another of many posts on Twitter regarding people teasing Neville about his departure from Valencia 

You have to have a coaching mind, not just a football one. It's part disciplinarian, captain and motivational speaker. It is a mentally and emotionally taxing job, but quite rewarding when you make a difference in a squad. You almost have to figuratively go into matches like you're waging war, planning football attacks with military precision.