Friday, April 8, 2016

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton Gets Into Argument With Black Lives Matter Protestors At Rally (Videos)

Bill Clinton:

Former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, became enraged with Black Lives Matter protestors yesterday, for heckling him during a speech. While his wife, Hillary Clinton, runs for president of the United States, Black Lives Matter protestors have been bringing up her past statements on young black males, whom she referred to as "superpredators" and "we must bring them to heel."

Racist N-Word Using Cop Exposed:

Clinton singled out young black men, when there are people of various races, including blacks, who have troubled youth engaging in unlawful behavior that needs to be addressed within the court system. Bill Clinton is also being slammed for his policies in the 1990s that cut billions of dollars from urban housing and spent $19 billion building prisons.
"Police Caught Planting Drugs In Attempt To Frame Black Business Owner"
Societies need law and order, via good, honest police and courts with integrity. Prisons are also needed, with the hope of reforming criminals, not destroying them (hence the words "correctional facility" meaning punishment via loss of freedom to correct illegal behavior). The inequities in the current U.S. justice system has left many blacks and Hispanics feeling under attack and abused.

"NYPD COP: 'I fried another NIGGER'" 

There are court cases revealing select police officers were caught red-handed referring to black people as "nig*ers" and other derogatory, racist terms, while planning and or executing acts of brutality and excessive force. It has happened too many times and is prima facie evidence there is a problem that needs to be addressed.
Bernie Sanders (left) and political rival Hillary Clinton (right)
Black Lives Matter are trying to remind everyone that black lives matter, due to gross injustices against black people in America, perpetrated by some, not all police, the FBI and select companies in the business sector. At the end of the day, all lives matter. Crime is crime no matter the race of the perpetrator. Much like victimization is victimization no matter the race of the victim. There is too much emphasis on race going on and it is disheartening.