Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Rapper TI Signs With Jay Z And Madonna's Floundering Tidal As IRS Moves In To Seize His Assets Over $6,200,000 In Unpaid Taxes

TI and Tiny

Drug dealer turned rapper and reality star, TI, real name Clifford Harris, has just become the latest artist to sign with music streaming service, Tidal, owned by rapper Jay Z and pop singer, Madonna, among others. TI has also signed with Jay Z's floundering record label subsidiary, Roc Nation. The U.S. government, by way of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), has just slapped T.I. with a third tax lien, bringing the grand total to $6,200,000. 


The IRS will now begin the seizure of TI's assets if he does not pay his outstanding tax bill. This means the rapper and his wife, singer and reality star, Tiny, real name Tameka Cottle, could lose their Georgia mansion, luxury cars and bank accounts. Serial adulterer, TI, has made enough money to pay his taxes. He has simply refused, opting to spend the money on luxuries to show off for the cameras on his reality show and social networking. If he continues to play games with the government, they will imprison him for tax fraud and tax evasion.

Rihanna and T.I. had an affair

As stated in the column previously, major record labels are not happy with the struggling music streaming service, Tidal, which has botched and killed the launch of major label releases. Tidal botched the latest album release by singer Rihanna ("Anti"), who had an extramarital affair with the aforementioned TI. Tidal also ruined the release of rapper Kanye West's ("The Life Of Pablo") via a deliberate leak in conduct labeled "costly" as the rapper lost $10,000,000. "The Life Of Pablo" is now a Tidal exclusive that has lost steam and relevance, damaging West's career.

Kanye West

Where industry leader Apple Music is working with record labels, Tidal is being selfish and greedy, in trying to save a failed business, at the expense of artists careers and industry averages in America. The music industry in America is in big trouble, sinking fast with record low sales. It doesn't help that Tidal is demanding loyalty from artists they've given dirty, illegal career favors in the past, in failed attempts at keeping a company going the public simply is not impressed with, in demanding they sacrifice their studio albums (and careers) as exclusives for Tidal. Major labels are furious with the stunt.