Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Donald Trump States Obama Is Not Trying To Fight ISIS Which Is The General Global Consensus


Donald Trump

The Judiciary Report has run a series of articles pooled from reports on mainstream websites, regarding U.S. President Barack Obama and his dealings with the terrorist group ISIS (Obama Tried To Topple Bashir Assad And Install ISIS As Head Of Syrian Government But Was Overruled By A U.S. Army General and Russia: Obama Is Protecting ISIS and Obama Administration Loses $500 Million Dollars In Taxpayer Money As Rebels They Trained Give U.S. Weapons And Equipment To Al Qaeda In Syria and Obama Administration Policy Led To Homeland Security Not Checking Social Networking Pages Of Terrorists Coming Into America and Obama Administration Being Slammed By Americans For Refusing To Label San Bernardino Killings Terrorism).


Barack Obama

The general global consensus is that President Obama is protecting ISIS and for nefarious reasons. It is now the view of many on social networking and feedback sections in America as well. Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, also made statements this week revealing his view Obama is not trying to defeat ISIS. Trump stated to political pundit, Michael Savage,  regarding Obama and ISIS, "Maybe he doesn’t want to get rid of the problem."

Barack Obama

The Judiciary Report does not endorse Trump, due to racist comments he has made about Mexicans, blacks, Muslims and the disabled. However, his comments on Obama and ISIS align with what has become the view of many worldwide and in America. The implications of Obama's conduct is very alarming and sad, especially in light of the horrors perpetrated by ISIS against innocent people in Paris, France and San Bernardino, California (among other places).


Trump to Savage: Maybe Obama doesn't want to defeat ISIS

Published: 1 day ago - In another wide-ranging interview with talk-radio host Michael Savage, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested President Obama might not have a desire to defeat the Islamic jihadist group ISIS, and the real-estate billionaire shied away from declaring he would win the New Hampshire primary Tuesday.

Trump repeated his observation that President Obama refuses to identify the enemy as “radical Islamic terrorism,” insisting ISIS and other groups have nothing to do with Islam. “It’s radical Islamic terrorism, and we have a president who won’t even use the words,” he said. “If you don’t use the words, you’re never going to get rid of the problem. “Maybe he doesn’t want to get rid of the problem,” Trump said. “I don’t know exactly what’s going on.”...

‘Let Russia buy some of the bombs.’ Regarding the war against ISIS and Islamic jihad, Savage noted that Trump has favored making Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, an ally against terrorism. “Well, Putin said great things about me. Look, I know when I’m being played and all. But he said, Trump is brilliant, Trump is their real leader and all that stuff,” Trump said. “And, you know what? I accept it. OK.”

Critics said he should have disavowed Putin’s comments, Trump noted. “What’s wrong with having a good relationship with Russia? What’s wrong with Russia bombing the hell out of ISIS and these other crazies so we don’t have to spend a million dollars a bomb? “Let them buy some of the bombs, ’cause that’s what’s happening. And I say, ‘I can’t believe these people’ (who disagree). They want to do it themselves,” Trump said. “We’ve been over there, Michael, for 15 years … and so far we have nothing for it. If Russia wants to be friendly with us and wants to bomb the hell out of ISIS, I say, ‘That’s great, we’ll help ’em.'” ...