Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Beyonce Alienates The White Segment Of Her Fanbase With Militant Super Bowl Performance Leading To Social Networking Complaints And Planned Protest At NFL Headquarters In New York

Beyonce and dancers dressed as Black Panthers

Attention seeking singer, Beyonce, has run afoul of the white segment of her audience, with a militant Super Bowl performance, where she and her dancers dressed as Black Panthers and slammed the police. While America has a serious problem with police brutality targeting blacks and other minorities such as Hispanics, Beyonce's video "Formation" and Super Bowl performance has come across as slamming officers in general. That does not help the problem. The issue of police brutality in America needs to be addressed via legislation, not revenge and militancy (Congress Needs To Enact Legislative Guidelines Regarding Police Brutality).

Beyonce's dancers and her mom backstage at the Super Bowl doing the black power salute associated with the Black Panthers

I do not agree with white supremacy and I do not agree with black militancy either. Furthermore, why inject race matters and in such an aggressive way, into the Super Bowl. A large number of athletes in the NFL are black. The organization has given black people a chance and many have become stars and millionaires, with the same privileges as white athletes, all doing what they love.

Beyonce stumbled backwards and nearly fell during her Super Bowl 

As a result of Beyonce's militant Super Bowl performance, a protest is scheduled for outside the NFL's offices in New York. People on Twitter and Facebook are also complaining in a massive way about Beyonce's "race baiting." The National Sheriff's Association also turned their backs on her Super Bowl performance.

Beyonce and her backup dancers as Black Panthers

Taking the Black Panther stance, that of an activist group originating in the 1960s, who openly hate white people, is not acceptable. I do not agree with hatred. It's not good being a white racist and it's not good being a black racist either. Hate creating more hate and trying to fight hate with hate is not the answer. I prefer the example of the late, great Martin Luther King Jr., an American preacher who so wonderfully and eloquently preached equality and harmony among the races. God bless his soul. People should learn from King's example.

Side Bar: Beyonce's militant black stance and feminist claims are hypocritical as heck, considering she criminally steals more copyrights from black singers, songwriters and producers than any other black artist in the world. She also steals from white artists, songwriters and producers (yet is now slamming white people). It's also ironic she is taking this militant stance, while wearing a  European blonde wig, pale face powder and sporting a nose job to make her nose look less full and African.