Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Truth And Scandal Behind Rihanna’s 'Anti' Album Delays

Rihanna promoting her repeatedly stalled new album "Anti" and its artwork featured in the background

A real mess has been percolating and erupting behind singer Rihanna’s recent career decline that hit full speed in 2015. The promiscuous, lewd, cocaine addicted alcoholic experienced three flopped singles in a row (“Four Five Seconds” “B***h Better Have My Money” and “American Oxygen”) which put a massive dent in her career. Producers have been fleeing the project, though she has been having sex with them in exchanging for demanding some of their better songs.

Rihanna’s label has been complaining behind the scenes in the industry about her behavior. Rihanna joined the Kabbalah sect at Madonna’s insistence and that of mentor Jay Z, with a pile of backend deals that are unorthodox, unethical and constitutes financial crimes. However, the devil worshipping Kabbalah Center sect, whicht experts label a cult, has turned Rihanna into a raging drug addict and alcoholic, in conduct that has damaged her career and health.

Rihanna has run up massive bills at her record label in trying to restart her seriously stalled career. The label is not happy with the number of producers, scrapped recordings, the size of her entourage and massive accommodation fees. Record label employees are complaining that she is also extremely difficult to work with, stubborn, arrogant, won't listen to advice and instruction.

They also complain her delusional ego has her thinking she is on the level of Aretha Franklin and Barbara Streisand and deserves the same treatment and perks. She is not listening to their advice and dragging execs all over the world in her crazy bid at getting her career back on track. They are exasperated with her behavior. Some employees are also shaking their heads at her sleeping with industry executives like a groupie looking for deals.

The label sought a well known, legendary female singer’s input for Rihanna’s forthcoming album. However, said music industry legend heard then saw horrible things regarding Rihanna’s behavior and fled the project. The legendary singer was sought to give the project some credibility and improve her crappy vocals, but made a run for it saying she is one of the most spoiled, arrogant and “evil” stars she has ever encountered.

A major broadcaster contacted the legendary singer and warned her off Rihanna as well, stating she is so immersed in Kabbalah, which promotes drug addiction among members of the sect and uses mind control, making them easier to control, that her behavior has become intolerable. The broadcaster informed the famous female singing legend that Rihanna is “satanic.” The legendary singer, who saw some of Rihanna’s rotten behavior, backed out of the helping with the project as a result.