Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Chris Brown Insults Karrueche Tran On Another New Song

Chris Brown

When R&B singer Chris Brown first accused ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, of cheating on him with rapper rival Drake, he complained that he made her life financially equal to his own, having her live in luxury. Brown’s insulted budding model and actress Tran with the song “Kae” on his current album “Royalty.” However, he has slammed her again on the song “Escape Your Love.” The lyrics are reminiscent of his complaints regarding her cheating with Drake:

Mama warned me ’bout someone like you
Feel like a ******* fool
Play with me heart, you tried
I never regret love
But sometimes it’s just better
I’m f****** fed up
Tired and jealous
Making your life better by putting my bread up
Give up the battle just to escape your love

Karrueche Tran

Brown sounds very bitter. However, as he cheated on Tran with a woman they both know, Nia Guzman, resulting in the birth of his daughter, Royalty Brown, he needs to think about things in regard to that. Tran has largely kept silent about what transpired behind the scenes. However, she did warn him that she could tell all about behind the scenes items, if he didn’t desist in making public attacks against her. Brown wants her back and is lashing out as she has not been receptive and has seen others since dumping him for cheating. He is frustrated and very upset.