Saturday, January 9, 2016

Chris Brown Las Vegas Assault Case Must Meet Certain Criteria To Be Prosecuted

Chris Brown performed at Drais on New Years and was accused of assault after his show

There are assault cases that police and prosecutors decline for lack of evidence. Certain criteria must be met in order to be believed or they are declined due to insufficient evidence. R&B singer, Chris Brown, was accused by Liziane Guitierrez of punching her in the eye at a private party in his Las Vegas hotel suite, filled with groupies. Guitierrez stated she was chosen as one of the women who was allowed entry into Brown’s hotel suite. She stated she snapped a photo of him, which caused him to become angrily, snatch her phone and punch her in the eye. Brown denies the allegations.

Brown and his bodyguard usually confiscated all mobile phones from groupies before they enter his hotel or home, as two years ago two women he had just met and brought home from a club took photos and videos of him as he slept after sex, then uploaded items from it to the internet.

Liziane Guitierrez

If Guitierrez was truly in his room, hotel security cameras would show her entering the suite. Guitierrez’s mobile phone would also have a record of the deleted photo of Brown on its online account, where copies of photos and videos are additionally stored. It is not always easy to investigate such cases, but modern technology can prove a very useful and accurate tool.