Thursday, December 3, 2015

Consumer Alert: FedEx Is Running A Billing Scam


FedEx, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee is running an outright, fraudulent a billing scam. I recently selected FedEx as the shipping service for an order I placed online. FedEx quoted an exact price, which I paid with my debit card. The merchandise arrived from the order I placed online and paid the full bill for at checkout. Days later, I received a second bill from FedEx demanding an additional "shipping and handling fee" that was not mentioned or included in the original $137.00 fee they had charged me for 5-day delivery on my order.

FedEx sent me a threatening letter demanding this extra money, which is fraud. For you to quote a fee ($137.00), then accept payment, receive your money from the person's bank account, then decide you want a second payment of $60, one you did not previously disclose, is fraud and extortion. Be careful using FedEx. I am going to avoid using them in the future. They are trying to undercut competitors by offering lower prices, but after they take your money, they will send you a second bill demanding more funds that exceeds what all their competitors would charge or they will sue you.