Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chris Brown Offered Karrueche Tran Money, Gifts And Career Opportunities To Stay With Him After He Cheated But She Refused


Chris Brown and daughter Royalty

After Karrueche Tran, dumped R&B singer, Chris Brown, on Twitter, he offered her so much in the way of material possessions and career opportunities, if she would stay with him, when it was discovered he fathered a child, Royalty Brown, during their 4-year relationship. Heartbroken and embarrassed, she declined. Brown has repeatedly tried to get her back, offering her many things and promising he will change, but she refused. Seeing pictures of Brown's child breaks her heart, but Tran has no ill-will towards the little girl.


Karrueche Tran

Brown viewed Tran as one of his greatest allies. She was there for him all the time and supported Brown through the worst period of his life and career, the Rihanna domestic violence case. Tran weathered the media and legal storm with him. Brown's career got back on track (though it still is not what it once was before the case, but ironically he is doing better than Rihanna in the entertainment industry). So, for Tran to leave (and with good reason) devastated him. Brown is still hoping to reunite with Tran. She is not as angry with him as she was before, but she's still upset.