Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Rumors Rife In Washington President Obama Battling Serious Personal Issues

Obama smoking weed in university and beyond...

I have been informed by one of my trusted, credible sources that rumors are rife in Washington that U.S. President Barack Obama is still battling substance abuse issues via a relapse. Obama, who drank alcohol and smoked marijuana in university, is said to be having sobriety issues, under the pressures of being president. Obama has made a number of decisions that has people wondering what is going on with him. Obama has adopted a party attitude from his Hollywood friends and donors, whom people complain, are running the White House (into the ground).

Barack Obama

Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush, was an admitted alcoholic. Bush was photographed unaware at times, drinking beer on the back lawn of the White House. When Bush left office, a massive number of wine and champagne bottles were missing and unaccounted for from the White House wine cellar. Many also stated Bush battled substance abuse issues in university regarding narcotics use as well.