Tuesday, November 3, 2015

President Obama Refuses To Release Emails He And Hillary Clinton Sent Each Other In What Is Being Interpreted As Hiding Illegal Behavior In Office

Barack Obama

As the investigation into former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton grows President Barack Obama has lent an air of suspicion to it, in refusing to release emails between the two. America is supposed to operate on a system of checks and balances and government transparency. Yet here we have it, President Obama is hiding emails between himself and Clinton, giving an air of illegality to their conduct. Obama's spokesman states the emails will be released several years from now. However, much of the illegal dealings in Washington occurs face to face.

Hillary Clinton

Thus far, Clinton denied sending any classified emails from a private server. However, it is illegal to send government emails from a private sever and emails she earmarked non-classified, have since been classified during the investigation…700 of them. It is a clear indication she is not suitable to be president. The proper handling of national secrets is vital to any head of state. Clinton greatly lacks this quality, which could lead to massive disasters for America.


Obama drawn into Clinton email controversy

10/30/15 03:36 PM EDT - President Barack Obama found himself drawn into Hillary Clinton's email controversy Friday as the White House acknowledged the State Department is withholding a set of messages Obama and Clinton exchanged during her four years as secretary of state. As the State Department made public a new batch of more than 7,200 pages of Clinton's emails, officials stressed that the White House was not asserting executive privilege over the Obama-Clinton exchanges but insisting that they be treated as presidential records, which are normally not available to the public until between five and 12 years after a president leaves office.

"With regard to the President’s email, as we have previously acknowledged, the President did on occasion trade emails with Secretary Clinton, and we presume those communications will ultimately be made public, along with the rest of the President’s records, after he leaves office," a senior administration official said. "There is a long history of presidential records being kept confidential while the President is in office. It is a principle that previous White Houses have vigorously defended as it goes to the core of the President’s ability to receive unvarnished advice and counsel during his time in office and is central to the independent functioning of the Executive Branch."

A White House official declined to say whether any of the Obama-Clinton emails related to Libya. If so, the White House's position could cause an executive privilege clash with Congress, since the House Benghazi Committee subpoenaed all Clinton emails related to Benghazi in March of this year. The new release of Clinton emails — the largest batch of messages made public since State began posting the messages online to comply with a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit — revealed more about Clinton's knowledge of embassy security issues and provided a window into lighter moments like Clinton being instructed in the use of emojis...