Tuesday, November 10, 2015

ISIS Kills 200 Syrian Kids Execution Style In Video

Still from video if ISIS terrorists murdering 200 innocent children

A very heartbreaking video has been released online showing 200 innocent Syrian children being bound and forced to lay face down, then being shot to death by members of the terrorist group ISIS. According to a mainstream report in the London Mirror newspaper, the mass execution video is being used as a terrorist promotional tool on the internet.

The video is likely also a threat against Syrian President, Bashar Assad and his ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is conducting military maneuvers in Syria against the terror outfit, at the head of state’s request. Putin’s military missions have proven damaging to ISIS and their operations in the region. There have been retaliatory acts of murder by ISIS as a result, such as the mass murder of the aforementioned 200 children, as well as the downing of the Russian commercial airliner Metrojet Flight 9268 On October 31, 2015.


ISIS savages gun down 200 Syrian children in horrifying mass execution video 

14:07, 9 Nov 2015 - WARNING, CONTAINS IMAGES SOME PEOPLE MAY FIND DISTRESSING: The video, which has been circulated online by anti-ISIS activists, shows the children bound and forced to lie face down in a line. Sickening new footage appears to show ISIS terror thugs gunning down 200 Syrian children in a savage mass execution. The video, which has been circulated online by a Yemen-based anti-ISIS activist, shows the children bound and forced to lie face down in a line. The killers then open fire with automatic rifles. The raw footage is too horrifying to be shown.

The veracity of the video has not been confirmed, but the terror group's slick propaganda team is known to film their barbaric executions and circulate them. Islamic State is also known to have executed children in the past. The video sparked anger online. One commenter wrote: "God burn Daash (an insulting Arabic term for ISIS) and their supporters." Another added: "Lack of ethics and humanity, under the guise of religion."...