Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Charlie Sheen To Do An Interview Regarding Rumors He Has HIV

Charlie Sheen and one of his fellow Kabbalah members and sexual conquests actress Lindsay Lohan, whom he paid $100,000

Radar Online and The Sun did an article dropping many anonymous hints about a famous Hollywood actor, who is HIV positive and has passed the disease on to others. On Sunday, I posted a tweet on my Twitter page referencing Hollywood actor and Kabbalah cult member, Charlie Sheen, as the actor in question. I stated it was Sheen and he has has infected others in promiscuous behavior that has not desisted. Therefore, it is a public health matter.

Reports today state Sheen is slated to do a television interview tomorrow with NBC's Matt Lauer, regarding his rumored HIV positive status. For a year and a half rumors swirled on blogs that Sheen contracted HIV, but has been hiding it from the world. A porn star made the claims on a blog, but it was deleted after Sheen became angry and took action regarding the story.

Charlie Sheen's skin, even with makeup, showing the signs of health problems

There are reports that Sheen was extorted by a porn star for a large sum of money to keep his secret, as he feared fans turning on him and Hollywood shunning him. Sheen's had sex with dozens of famous women, some of whom are now thought to be infected with HIV. Sheen also slept with over 50 porn stars and several transgender men. Sheen is also a drug addict and alcoholic. Those are all ways one can become infected with HIV. Truthfully, you don't even have to be promiscuous to get HIV, it just greatly multiplies your chances of contracting it.

If you have sex with someone who is promiscuous you can contract HIV from using no protection or the protection you choose failing, such as condom slippage or breakage, which has happened to many people. For example, a  porn star became pregnant for Sheen when the condom slipped during sex (she had an abortion). Said porn star now fears for her health and that of other female porn stars in her circle Sheen has been having sex with on a regular basis. She believes they are HIV positive as they have stopped making porn.

Charlie Sheen on TV with his two live in girlfriends, both thought to be infected with HIV, as they've stopped doing porn
Sheen flaunted a very promiscuous lifestyle, which set a terrible example for the public. Sheen showed off regarding the number of women he has sex with and mocked Christians as "Bible grippers" for trying to live decent lives. He gave up sensible Christianity for kooky Kabbalah, which made him crazy, resulting in public outbursts and violent behavior associated with schizophrenia. 

For years the Judiciary Report has warned the public about the ills of promiscuity and how one's health is further imperiled by taking drugs and or drinking alcohol under such risky sexual circumstances. Sheen thought he was invincible and chose a very destructive lifestyle that has greatly damaged him. The Judiciary Report has repeatedly warned the public against promiscuity and it is with good reason. That lifestyle comes at a high price. Many have lost their health, relationships, money and careers over promiscuity. Sheen is not the only one in Hollywood or Kabbalah who is HIV positive. There are others. They promote promiscuity and label others fools for not having sex with as many people as possible, then end up sick, because HIV doesn't care about anyone's social status, it attacks one's health status.