Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Charlie Sheen's Many Sexual Conquests Nervous At Reports He Has HIV

Charlie Sheen was set to marry porn star Brett Rossi in 2014 but they abruptly called it off
Kabbalah cult member, Charlie Sheen is known in Hollywood (and pop culture) for his many sexual exploits. Sheen started off nice, but let certain people in Hollywood negatively influence him, sending him down the wrong path. Sheen then began to publicly thumb his nose at the idea and concept of a traditional relationship and fidelity, opting to have sex with many women. Sheen and his lecherous friends often bragged about his many conquests and the number of women he messes with.

Sheen dubbed others fools for not taking advantage of sleeping with many women, branding it a sign of virility, when it was a telltale sign of someone about to fall and in a very sad way. Many women wanted to be associated with him, trying to sponge off his fame and take his money, putting their health and lives at risk. They saw it as easy money, but it is anything but. Now these same women are terrified they have HIV.

Charlie Sheen

I don't want Sheen or anyone else to be sick with HIV or AIDS, but if someone will not listen to reason and sound advice, determined to lead a risky lifestyle, they are making destructive choices they will have to accept the consequences of at some point (and more often sooner than later). There is a reason sensible people frown upon promiscuity. It's not that we are boring or trying to ruin anyone's party - it is because we know of the terrible things it can bring and how it has ruined others' lives. The Judiciary Report has repeatedly written about entertainers and athletes who abuse their podium in life, to promote promiscuity to audiences and how it negatively influences others into doing the same, to disastrous results.

It is similar to rappers who brag about drug dealing in their songs and videos and it inspires some of their fans to sell narcotics in trying to live that same flashy lifestyle, only to get killed or end up arrested, losing their freedom, then when released being saddled with a criminal record hampering their progress in life. In life, nothing beats decency. None of us are perfect, but stay on the straight and narrow. The alternative is not worth the pain and suffering.