Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Father Of Two Of Michael Jackson’s Kids Arnie Klein Dies

Michael Jackson's kids with their aunt Letoya

In the October 22, 2015 article "Michael Jackson's Son Has Come To The Realization He And His Siblings Were Adopted By The Late Star" the Judiciary Report wrote about, Arnie Klein, the dermatologist to the late pop star Michael Jackson, whom many believed fathered the star's two oldest children with his nurse, Debbie Rowe.

Photo of Prince Michael Jackson (top) and Arnie Klein

The next day on October 23, 2015, Klein died of natural causes in California. He was suffering from a stomach ailment and admitted to the hospital. He was 70-years-old. Here's hoping Prince Michael Jackson and Paris Jackson got to spend some time with Klein at some point in their lives, before he passed away. It is important that their mother help them at this time. Paris has already flown off the rails in a suicide bid a year ago. Prince Michael Jackson seems to be suffering from depression and anxiety as well.