Friday, October 23, 2015

FBI Director Mum On Hillary Clinton Criminal Investigation As The Agency Sits On Evidence That She Committed Serious Crimes (Video)

FBI Director James Comey in Congress

FBI Director James Comey made an appearance in Congress yesterday, where under oath, he declined to provide any details on the criminal investigation of former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, regarding emailgate. Based on the sparse evidence released by the FBI thus far, Clinton willfully violated U.S. government rules and procedures as Secretary of State, in sending emails via a private, unencrypted server. This made U.S. national secrets vulnerable to hacking. As a result, U.S. national secrets were accessed by the communist block. A hacker branding himself a variant of Lucifer (yes, as in Satan) has also offered Clinton's hacked emails for $500,000 on the black market. Clinton broke the law in this misconduct and in carelessly doing so, unintentionally damaged America.  

As the 2016 presidential election is underway regarding each political party's nomination process, the FBI should make their full report public regarding Clinton's behavior in this scandal. The American people have a right to know what has transpired and all the evidence, to aid in choosing the next President of the United States. Clinton is not a good choice, due to her unlawful conduct. The FBI is also sitting on evidence that Clinton has willfully engaged in illegal, commissioned wiretapping, phone hacking and computer/email hacking, prior to, during and after her time as Secretary of State. Clinton is a criminal. Her hands are dirty. There exists clear cut, compelling evidence/proof of her using illegally obtained surveillance items in criminal violation of U.S. law. Someone with such gross lack of character and a flagrant unwillingness to obey the law, should not be running for president.

FBI Director James Comey

In far too many FBI cases, reports and evidence are suppressed by the agency under the guise of the file in question being an ongoing investigation. As a result many innocent people who are victims of crime are endangered, further abused and damaged, while brazen, dangerous criminals skate roaming around the public, as nothing is released revealing their crimes.

 For example, the FBI and SEC knew of Bernard Madoff and Robert Sanford's financial crimes well before they were arrested. However, the FBI allowed these brazen ponzi scheming fraudsters to remain free and they did an extraordinary amount of damage during that time, when they could have been behind bars, which would have mitigated much of the damage.

Hillary Clinton

During that time, more innocent Americans and international citizens invested billions of dollars with their companies, not knowing it was an outright fraud/ponzi scheme being run by the men (in separate cases) and they would certainly lose their money. It was the SEC and FBI's duty to inform the public from the time they knew of the fraud, as it would have saved the unsuspecting public billions of dollars in investor money that no government agency was able to recoup, due to the fact Madoff and Sanford wasted large sums on high living. In the end it created a greater mess for government agency's to clean up and greatly tarnished America's name in the business world and international law enforcement circles. 

I am of the belief that Congress will enact legislation in reference to how the FBI handles cases and the dissemination of information in the agency's possession. As it stands, the FBI has active, unrelated cases containing compelling evidence they are hiding and sitting on regarding dangerous pedophiles, murderers, serial killers, kidnappers, ponzi schemers, drug dealers and thieves engaging in criminal copyright infringement and hate crimes endangering innocent lives. Due to corruption in the form of bribery and an unwillingness to arrest and prosecute the rich and or famous, dangerous criminals are roaming among the innocent public, doing an extraordinary amount of permanent damage America will not recover from. This is wholly wrong and unethical.