Saturday, October 31, 2015

Erin Andrews Seeks $75,000,000 In Hotel Voyeurism Case Against Hotel

Erin Andrews

Sports commentator and "Dancing With The Stars" host, Erin Andrews, continues to pursue her lawsuit against the Marriott Hotel chain, over staff failures that led to a stalker illegally filming her in the nude in her hotel room, via hacking off the peephole. Convicted stalker, Michael Barrett, violated Andrews' privacy in 2008, via stalking her to a number of hotels as she covered sporting events in America.

Erin Andrews

Marriott Hotel staff negligently gave Barrett her room information and allowed him to book an adjoining suite, which allowed the stalker to monitor her movements, fraudulently dress up as a workman and remove the door peephole to her hotel room when no one was watching. Barrett then perversely used his mobile phone to film Andrews naked in her room via the hole in the door where the peephole was once located.

Michael Barrett

Barrett unconscionably uploaded the video of a naked Andrews getting dress in her room before a sporting event. He was arrested, tried and sentenced to jail for his crimes. However, Marriott does bear liability, due to staff having given Barrett her room information he was not entitled to in any measure. Andrews has now named a figure in her case, placing the request for damages at $75,000,000. That figure is a bit a high. $20,000,000 would be a more viable starting point for a jury. However, no amount of money will be able to change the terrible violation of her privacy.