Friday, October 30, 2015

Blac Chyna Tried To State Tattoo Of Rapper Future Is Fake But It Has Been Proven Real

Blac Chyna was spotted hiding her hand in her pocket to cover "Future" tattoo from the paparazzi's prying lens

Embarrassed former stripper and video girl, Blac Chyna, hastily had a tattoo bearing the name of promiscuous rapper, Future, etched on her hand, after having sex with him for a few weeks. She thought they were in a relationship. After Chyna posted a photo of tattoo to Instagram, Future rudely logged into Twitter and proclaimed he is single, embarrassing her.


Chyna and her friends then tried to give the impression the tattoo was fake, done by a sharpie marker. However, the TMZ website has revealed the unfortunate tattoo is real. TMZ wrote Future and Chyna went to his tattoo artist, Stevie Wiebe, a few weeks ago and began getting ink work done. It was at that moment Chyna chose to put Future's name on her hand, wrongly believing their sexual relationship was exclusive, when he has several women he secretly has sex with (*cough* dog).

Future's tattoo artist working on Chyna's hand. We all know how that one ended.

Chyna made a mistake and did not deserve to be embarrassed by Future in this manner. He should have been flattered anyone thought enough of him to tattoo his name on their body (which the site does not advise, as it is unscriptural and does age well). He is the one who should be embarrassed. I feel sorry for her. However, that's what happens when you date a promiscuous, disrespectful man, who is callous and dishonest enough to go online and lie to the world pretending he is single, when he is having sex with women all over the place on a regular basis.

Chyna's tattoo of Future's name on her hand. It's time for tattoo removal.

If you are having sex, you are not single. People need to stop lying to the public in this manner, because when the truth comes out, no one will trust you after that or take you seriously when you speak. There are decent famous men who date or have girlfriends and when you ask them in interviews about it, they will either decline to answer the question, tell you they are dating someone or that they have a girlfriend.  There's nothing wrong with that and it is their business. But to outright lie that you are single when you are having sex with someone or different women on the low is bad.