Friday, September 25, 2015

Rihanna's Record Label Wants Her To Go To Rehab After Overdose And STD But Jay Z Is Not In Favor Of It

Cocaine addicted alcoholic Rihanna has experienced two overdoses, one resulting in private hospitalization and in the second incident she was seen by a doctor

In the entertainment industry, there's a dirty old secret regarding some, not all managers, who prefer their clients doped up on drugs such as cocaine and heroin, as they are easier to control, much more malleable and open to suggestion of a debauched and unethical nature. Case in point, rapper Jay Z, who manages protégé, Rihanna.

Behind the scenes, singer Rihanna's behavior is completely out of control, far worse than the antics she gets up to for the cameras and publicity, on a career that is now fading into obscurity, due to three flopped music singles in a row and copyright scandals. Her most recent music videos were rejected by the public as crazy, grotesque, disrespectful and sick.

Jay Z and Rihanna

Rihanna has a serious drug and alcohol problem. Rihanna snorts cocaine, smokes marijuana laced with other drugs and takes ecstasy tablets on a regular basis. Many times when Rihanna drinks alcohol, she does so until she passes out on numerous occasions. Rihanna has been on the casting couch many times, trading sex in exchange for songs, movie roles and promotional opportunities, among other things. She is being passed around Hollywood by her pimp Jay Z (both of them are in the Hollywood cult Kabbalah).

The recording label Rihanna is signed to Island/Def Jam (and Universal's Roc Nation), wants her to clean up her act, due to scandals regarding her substance abuse issues and promiscuity that is negatively impacting her career. However, Jay Z, a violent former crack cocaine dealer, who has been pimping out Rihanna and fellow singer Rita Ora, to men and women in the entertainment and sports industries, in exchange for career favors and intellectual property, is not keen on the idea of rehab.

Jay Z and Rita Ora
Ora, who is another drug addict, in addition to Rihanna, are much easier to control via drugs. This makes it much easier for Jay Z to pimp them and for them to go through with what they are doing (which is essentially prostitution). Rihanna and Ora are also both Jay Z's mistresses, while his naive wife, Beyonce, looks the other way.

Beyonce is putting up with the cheating in exchange for fame and the image of a so-called power couple, which is a facade. Beyonce has her own substance abuse and alcohol issues from dating then marrying Jay Z, whom many states bears a striking resemblance to a camel (hence people calling him the nickname "Joe Camel").


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