Thursday, September 10, 2015

Obama Certainly Has His Middle Finger Up Often (Photos)

Is Obama trying to tell us something

Pictures on the Twitter website reveal U.S. President Barack Obama certainly has his middle finger up often, in what is either a nervous habit or a subtle dig at rivals. In America, an extended middle finger in said manner is the equivalent of stating "f**k you." Politics can be tough, but has it really come to this for Obama. The president has been under a significant amount of pressure throughout his time in office that is now drawing to a close.

Obama and Bear Grylls

The pressure appears to be getting to him, as he has made some strange statements of late, such insultingly calling rivals in Congress "the Crazies" as well as making an appearance with Bear Grylls, a man who encourages participants on his show to do gross things, such as eat urine stewed rats and ingest their own pee. President Obama ate the flesh remaining on the carcass of a salmon that a bear had consumed. This was not a good idea, as bears carry dangerous pathogens. This was hardly presidential behavior.