Tuesday, September 29, 2015

George Zimmerman Retweets A Picture Of Trayvon Martin's Dead Body Gloating Over His Murderous Crime

George Zimmerman

Twitter is very angry over George Zimmerman, retweeting a crime scene photo of his murder victim, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was gunned down in Florida. Zimmerman retweeted the photo of Martin's lifeless body, co-signing the arrogant boasts of a callous person that tweeted, "Z-man is a one man army." It was a cruel and heartless thing to do. Not to mention, it's cowardly bragging about killing a teenage kid. 

George Zimmerman's retweet is being widely slammed online as terrible

Zimmerman's legal team shamefully corrupted the legal system and he walked on a crime he should have received life in prison for and no parole. Is that not enough for Zimmerman. Why does he have to disrespect Martin in death and pour salt on his family's wounds. It is psychopathic and sadistic. Zimmerman should not be free. That is not a person sorry for what he has done.