Thursday, September 10, 2015

Brian Williams Returning To Television After Fabricating News Stories Leading To His Removal From Anchor Post On 'Nightly News'

Brian Williams

It was recently discovered NBC "Nightly News" anchor, Brian Williams, has been fabricating stories, injecting himself in events he was not present for, which is very poor journalism. Williams is a pathological liar. The lies began to unravel this year, when others came forward disputing his claims, revealing he was not present in dangerous situations he reported being perilously apart of on many occasions.

The unmasking of Williams' lies led to NBC removing him from his anchor post on the "Nightly News." However, Williams is making a return to television this month on the MSNBC network, which is also owned by NBC. Williams is set to cover Pope Francis' visit to America. It is the Judiciary Report's view that the only network Williams should be working for is the SyFy channel, where he can fictionalize events and it be accepted as science fiction.