Monday, August 31, 2015

The 2015 IAAF Championship Games In Beijing Was Fantastic (Video)

The World Athletics Championships in Beijing, China has come to a close, in what was a thrilling and thoroughly entertaining sports event. Kenya topped the medal table, followed by Jamaica in second, the United States in third and Great Britain in fourth. It’s great when the world gets together in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood, to celebrate each other and have a good time.

Could Kenya’s Ezekiel Kemboi (top) out dance Jamaica’s Usain Bolt (above) as both men are known for celebratory dancing after victorious races (LOL)

The star of the championship was sprinter Usain Bolt, who successfully defended his titles and scored three gold medals to add to his impressive collection. The Kenyan team also turned in some masterful performances. It’s amazing to watch Kenyans run long distances and not break a sweat or even breath hard. If it were me I’d be like “Somebody call an ambulance!”