Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hollywood's Ignorant, Racist And Hateful Characterizations Of Jamaicans

TMZ article on Miss Cleo

TMZ posted an item on its website today mocking Jamaicans via the so-called psychic "Miss Cleo" and the news that she is embroiled in a lawsuit filed by her former employer the Psychic Readers Network. General Mills has been using Miss Cleo in a new advertisement for their cereal. TMZ mockingly referred to Miss Cleo as "Jamaican" but she is not according to several sources. The whole Miss Cleo character is a terrible, ignorant, offensive, exploitative stereotype of Jamaicans, perpetuated by Hollywood.

A few years ago, a news channel in Miami, Florida tracked down Miss Cleo, who was born and raised in Los Angeles to American parents. Miss Cleo, real name Youree Dell Harris, is a practicing lesbian, who has a home in Florida. When the Miami news channel ambushed Miss Cleo outside her home in Broward county, a suburb a few miles outside of Miami, she spoke with a clear American accent. This further indicates the Jamaican accent she uses in the commercials is fake. Jamaicans always discounted Miss Cleo's accent anyway, as it never sounded authentic. The U.S. government, in the form of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed charges against the Psychic Readers Network for the fraud they perpetrated on the public using Miss Cleo. They were forced to pay huge fines to the government.

I don't know one Jamaican with a crystal ball or who goes around behaving like Miss Cleo. The whole thing was insulting to Jamaicans. In Haiti there is voodoo. In Latin America and the Hispanic islands of the Caribbean there is Santeria. In Jamaica there is Obeah, brought to the island hundreds of years ago by Nigerian slaves, who were cruelly kidnapped, beaten, shackled and shipped to the nation as slaves doing hard labor for no pay. However, most Jamaicans don't practice Obeah, yet the Miss Cleo stereotype is based on it. Jamaica is an overwhelmingly Christian island and Christianity forbids tarot reading and all forms of witchcraft, as seen in the Miss Cleo ads. Hollywood also likes to slander and defame Hispanics, with terrible characterizations on film and television.

But of course, hedonistic Hollywood hates Christianity, the religion with the most adherents in the world, as it speaks to morality, something tinseltown greatly lacks. Therefore, hateful Hollywood constantly attacks Jamaica and the southern part of America known as the Bible belt, for its deep roots in Christianity.

Hollywood routinely engages is slander and slurs, portraying Jamaicans on film and television as violent, uneducated fools and American Christians in the South as inbred idiots. The whole thing is ignorant, small minded, offensive and defamatory.

I've found Hollywood to be quite hateful, sick, savage and barbaric, as they attack innocent people without provocation, in commissioned acts of violence, as well as emotional, mental and financial/economic abuse, aimed at harming and destroying innocent people (for further reference, see Anthony Pellicano, Kabbalah and Scientology). They imagine offenses, scenarios and wrongs that never occurred and use it as the groundless basis to viciously and savagely attack innocent people like savages raised by animals.

I've been called "slave" and "nigger" via emailed death threat and in person when Madonna sent Miami Kabbalah Center members to stalk, confront, harass and threaten me, while relaying crazy messages from her that I could care less about. They also kept slurring Jamaica to me on a regular basis, trying to cause maximum offense when they'd stalk and confront me. There is no justification for such sick, unprovoked, unwelcome conduct.

Hollywood, which is largely gay, loves to state Jamaica is the most homophobic place on earth, using it as a baseless excuse to slur, attack, abuse and exploit Jamaicans who have done them no harm, when more hate crimes are committed against gays in America than in Jamaica. However, Hollywood is a sick place, where cults like Scientology and Kabbalah label innocent human beings "aliens" as an excuse and sick justification in their deranged minds for assaulting, mentally abusing and terrorizing others they exploit for undue financial gain and fame.

Lee Daniels Is A Sick, Disgusting Pervert

Further proof of Hollywood's exploitation of Jamaicans is the criminal copyright infringement that occurred due to chronic copyright thief Madonna and her depraved, sick conduct, she has spooled others into in Hollywood. One of the people Madonna has been illegally selling my copyrights to at cut rate prices, is Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp/Fox company. I broke the story online by blowing the whistle on them in 2005 to the FBI (Madonna's private investigator Anthony Pellicano) and the Metropolitan Police in London (News International/Rupert Murdoch) for wiretapping, phone hacking, computer hacking and theft, among other things, which resulted in scandals, arrests and imprisonment.

Some of my preexisting copyrights Madonna illegally stole via hacking by hackers such as Randy Vaughn and through commissioned break-ins to my home, then sold at cut-rate prices, was illegally bought by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp/Fox. Another of my PREEXISTING copyrights they stole recently surfaced in the form of the television show "Empire." I wrote that copyright nearly 10-years ago and registered it with the Library of Congress in D.C. However, it has been illegally used without permission by Rupert Murdoch's Fox and gay Hollywood producer Lee Daniels (who recently added a Jamaican character to the show that was quite insulting and defamatory).

This is not the first time Daniels' name was attached to one of my preexisting copyrights they stole. The movie "Selma" was stolen from my copyrights. I also have a PREEXISTING copyright called "The Butler" but it is not the same as the biography later used for the Daniels film of the same name.

In my estimation the worst of Daniels' conduct is the film "Precious." It is a rip off of the life of someone I know, with items used in the movie obtained via Madonna and the Kabbalah Center criminally spying on me in sick ways as detailed in this lawsuit. My mother works for a company that is under contract by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) in Miami, which is the U.S. government. My mother's job is like that of a social worker. In this job my mother's responsibilities has been to manage the lives of mentally and or physically disabled people. I've helped my mother with her clients for years (for free), as they are nice people.

One of my mother's clients a few years ago was a woman named Marie, who has a slight mental disability. She is very high functioning and has street smarts. The character "Precious" is based on Marie. Things got so bad that people in Miami began calling Marie "Precious" as not only does she look like the character in the film, events that happened in her real life mirror events in the later released film. The government knows exactly who Marie is, as they have her records and have communicated with her in writing and person many times over the years.

In the film, the role of Precious' social worker is played by singer Mariah Carey, who also infringed some of my copyrights for use on songs such as "Don't Stop (Funkin 4 For Jamaica)." Carey has also been sued by several people, including the legendary band Earth Wind and Fire, for copyright infringement on a number of her songs. It was an extraordinarily sick, depraved, invasive and disgusting thing for Lee Daniels to use the life of a mentally disabled woman for profit and awards in the movie "Precious." It was also highly illegal. This is the type of depravity Hollywood is swimming in that they do such foul, horrible and exploitative things.

In closing, the Judiciary Report does not recommend anyone visit a so-called psychic, such as Miss Cleo and others in her genre. Stop letting people con you out of your money. I find it very hard to believe God would bestow upon someone the ability to see the future and that person would be charging others money to do so. People in this world with extraordinary gifts are usually pure of heart, altruistic and giving.


Miss Cleo Lawsuit Psychic Network Tarot Parts French Toast Crunch Ad

8/26/2015 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF - A call to Miss Cleo could cost General Mills a chunk of its cereal fortune -- thanks to a lawsuit you'd think a certain Jamaican lady woulda seen coming. The Psychic Readers Network -- which owns rights to the famed psychic persona -- is going after the cereal giant for using MC in new French Toast Crunch commercials.

In the suit, PRN says it's dropped more than $100 mil in advertising to make Miss Cleo a pop culture phenom -- and then French Toast Crunch came along and jacked the whole Cleo look. The psychics want all profits attributed to the ad campaign. General Mills had no comment on the lawsuit.