Friday, August 28, 2015

Derrick Rose Gang Rape Accuser Is Not Telling The Whole Truth And Here's What Truly Happened...

Derrick Rose

I heard the gang rape lawsuit against Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, filed by an ex-girlfriend is not truthful, as "pieces of the story were left out." I also heard "the sex was consensual" regarding the woman, Rose and his friends, in what was essentially a threesome, but the accuser "is embarrassed" at what transpired, as Rose moved on without her.

Rose had more than one girlfriend at the time and after he left the accuser prior to her gang rape accusations, he moved on with others, deeming the relationship had run its course. His ex-girlfriend is now bitter and feeling used. To borrow a phrase from an episode of the sitcom the Golden Girls she, "Got screwed and has nothing to show for it."

You cannot consensually have sex with someone, then feel guilty and degraded because of the type of sexual activity you consented to that most deem slutty and immoral, then decide to lie and state they raped you. That's a crime. It's called fraud. You are destroying people's names over a lie.