Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Evidence Against Nick Gordon In Bobbi Kristina Brown's Death Is Substantial But Will It Be Enough For An Indictment

Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown

The initial autopsy performed on Bobbi Kristina Brown, the 22-year-old daughter of the late singer, Whitney Houston, found no obvious signs of foul play in her death. However, the manner in which she died would not have any obvious signs of foul play (drowning). The completion of the inquest awaits results of toxicology tests performed 6-months after her death, which will provide an inaccurate reading not reflecting what truly happened to her the day of her injury.

Brown's boyfriend, Nick Gordon, who physically abused her on a regular basis and controlled her with cocaine, ecstasy pills, heroin and marijuana, is being investigated in connection with her death, as she was found face down in her bathtub unresponsive after a fight between the two. The couple's drug dealer, Max Lomas, saw Gordon cleaning up blood from the house shortly before Brown was found unresponsive in the bathtub. Brown's family and friends have come forward stating Gordon would beat her to the point he had punched out two of her teeth and dragged her up a flight of stairs by her hair.

Brown's body had signs of bruising on the face and neck that her family publicly demanded an explanation from Gordon for, but none was forthcoming. Ironically, 3-years prior, her mother's body also had bruising on it that the coroner could not explain, after she had drowned her in bath tub and was found face down (the coroner, like most medical professionals, cannot explain why Houston was found face down rather than face up in the tub, as that is odd for a bath tub drowning). Gordon was present when both women died in each incident and falsely claims he tried to revive both of them using CPR, when a medical examiner (in Houston's case) and separately Lomas (in Brown's case) dispute his account in both cases. This all looks very strange and suspicious.