Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Poll: More Britons Fear Islam NOW Than They Did Immediately After 9/11 Attacks

Mosque in London

The rise of extremist Islam is alarming Britons now more than ever. A poll revealed more Britons fear Islam now than they did immediately after the September 11th terrorist attacks in America. There is an aggressive movement rising up in Britain where extremists are trying to force Islam on non-Muslims and it is causing upset and distress.

There have been publicized incidents of Britons being attacked in their nation for walking through predominating Muslim areas and told they do not belong there, which is ironic, as their ancestors have been there thousands of years. There are publicized incidents of extremist Muslims doing foot patrols through London trying to enforce Sharia Law on Britons who are not Muslim. The British government has begun prosecuting in courts of law, people who do the aforementioned things, as it infringes up on the peace, privacy and freedoms of others who are not Muslim.


POLL: More Britons Fear Islam NOW than They Did Immediately After 9/11 Attacks 

5 Jul 2015 - A YouGov poll has found more British people think multiculturalism makes the nation a worse place to live in than those who approve. The results, published as part of a ten-year anniversary project too mark the London 7/7 bombings provided both a snapshot of British feeling towards the new religions and cultures now becoming established in the Islands, as well as attitudes towards terrorism.

Overall, the break between those in Britain who felt multiculturalism was a bad influence over those who thought it was positive was very close, 38 per cent to 37 per cent, with a further 25 per cent unable to tell the difference, or of the opinion it had no influence at all. The difference was much more pronounced when political affiliations were taken into account, however, a strong majority of UKIP voters, on 77 per cent, thought multiculturalism a bad thing.

Liberal Democrat voters were the most positive about multiculturalism, but still only managed to find 54 per cent to agree that it had made Britain a better place to live, reports the Independent. More telling is the changing attitude in the United Kingdom towards Islam. The question asked of the sample specifically looks to Islam, with "Islamic Fundamentalist Groups" excepted.

When asked in 2001, only a month after the 9/11 terror attacks in New York whether Islam posed a threat to ‘Western Liberal Democracy’, only 33 per cent thought it posed ‘some’ or a ‘major’ threat. Fast-forward to 2015, and the picture has changed considerably. Asked the same question today, 56 per cent of Britons think Islam represents a threat to the West, and 79 per cent thought Britain would be the victim of large-scale terror attacks in the future.