Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chris Brown's Aunt Christine Brown Slams Wendy Williams For Stating She Was In On The $50,000 Burglary At His Home

Chris Brown's aunt posts item on Instagram slamming Wendy Williams over burglary comment

Disgraceful gossip talk show host, Wendy Williams, who is the owner of some very warped and twisted views on many subjects, took a dig at Christine Brown, the aunt of singer, Chris Brown. Williams publicly stated Brown's aunt was in on the burglary that occurred at his new mansion last week. The thieves, believed to be his gang banger friends, made off with a safe containing $50,000 and stole a computer and electronics, among other things.

Christine Brown

Williams stated during her show, "How much you wanna bet the aunt was actually in the mix, like one of them young aunts doing it big in the club." Christine Brown responded, "Look Miss Wendy, before reporting your stories get your facts straight. First of all, I'm not young, just well-kept by myself and I don't club. I never heard anything outside, and I'm a country girl and would never open a door in L.A where I'm not familiar. I was actually asleep when I was assaulted," she added. "So please don't plaster my photos and make false reports and add insult to my situation that's already hard enough, and I find nothing funny about what happened here."