Tuesday, June 16, 2015

So Who's The Best Artist Out Of Joseline Hernandez, Ashley Nicole, Jessica Dime And Tiffany Foxx On 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta'

Joseline Hernandez and her wigs (LOL)

I got a chance to listen to the music of some of the aspiring artists on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” and I’m not surprised that the show has not produced any major chart hits regarding new stars. The music material is not strong enough to be major chart hits. However, when you think about it, some of the artists aren't really artists (*cough* Joseline).

Jessica Dime

Joseline Hernandez repeatedly verbalizes claims that she is the best artist, but sadly she is at the bottom of the pile on the show. Her rapping is not where it should be for her to be considered a top female rapper. Hernandez is damaging Stevie J's career in the process, demanding all his attention, when his many musical talents could be better utilized elsewhere. However, that did not stop Joseline from stating she is "an international superstar" and I'm like on what planet? Pluto? (LOL). The whole internet paused when she said it (haha).

Tiffany Foxx

Tiffany Foxx can easily out rap Joseline and there's bad blood between the two, with rumors Stevie J cheated on the latter with the former. However, having stated that, Foxx's music is hardcore and vulgar. I don't estimate it will crossover anytime soon. Ditto for rapper Jessica Dime, who can rap, but her lyrics are very abrasive and profane.

Ashley Nicole

Ashley Nicole, the big mouth aspiring singer signed to Rasheeda and Kirk Frost's company D-Lo entertainment is pretty, has a passable voice, is the most talented of the newbies on the show, but her nasty attitude has squashed any buzz about her career. Dime released one music video "Nickel And Dime" and it received way more views than all the songs combined that Ashley Nicole placed on You Tube. The public have Ashley off over how she has been treating Rasheeda and flirting with her husband Kirk Frost. Ashley is a lesbian, who is now bisexual and available for the casting couch. However, women need to make it strictly on their talent and not sex.