Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rasheeda Puts An Apologetic Ashley Nicole In Her Place But Will It Save The Aspiring Singer's Career


Rapper and imprint label owner, Rasheeda, met with aspiring singer Ashley Nicole over her disrespectful attitude. Lesbian Bisexual Ashley, who has been flirting with Rasheeda’s Kirk Frost, who signed her to the couple’s company D-Lo Entertainment. Ashley has also been calling the Rasheeda old and washed up, when she‘s only 33-years of age. Now to a 12-year-old, 33 is old. However, Ashley, who claims she is in her late teens, but based on items online is much older, is in another world.

Ashley Nicole all over Rasheeda's husband Kirk Frost

Ashley Nicole after Rasheeda put her in her place

Little did Ashley realize that Rasheeda is co-owner of D-Lo Entertainment with Kirk and decides whether or not she gets to release an album. Ashley apologized for her insults, but then tried to turn it around stating Rasheeda started it, when no such thing happened. Ashley is an arrogant young singer who believes she has made it simply by being on the show. However, as stated in past columns, she has created such a bad image for herself, even with all the exposure from “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” and two slickly produced songs, there is still no buzz surrounding her, as the public deems her a home wrecker.