Tuesday, June 16, 2015

CBS News: Extremist Muslims In London Patrolling Neighborhoods Enforcing Sharia Law Against Britons (Videos)

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A CBS News report on the investigative show “60 Minutes” aired video examples of Muslim extremists harassing the people of England, trying to force Sharia Law on the public. People born and bred in Britain, whose ancestors have lived on the isle for hundreds of years (who are not Muslim) are being confronted on public streets and verbally abused for not adhering to Muslim Sharia Law. This is not appropriate.

There have also been reports in newspapers such as the Daily Mail, regarding British citizens being harassed and even assaulted for walking in select areas extremist Muslims consider their own territory. The Metropolitan Police have been clamping down on this misbehavior.

Religion is a choice. No one should force their religion on others, nor should they physically or verbally abuse people over their personal religious choices. If one is going to live in the West, one must accept the fact that these are free societies, where people have the right to choose as they please, regarding their religious and political choices (among other things).

Britain is a civilized society. There is a lot of diversity within its shores. People need to respect that and realize not everyone will think and feel as you do about a number of topics. However, each person has the right to live in peace with their personal choices, free from harassment.


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