Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mariah Carey's '#1 To Infinity' Album Being Branded Biggest Chart Flop Of The Year

Mariah Carey

After a rough stretch of bad publicity and scandal, Mariah Carey's "#1 To Infinity" album was released and flopped on the Billboard charts. Some are branding it the biggest mainstream album flop of the year thus far, debuting with 32,000 copies sold. This constitutes Carey's lowest sales debut to date. Carey wants to be out there so badly, though she is not in a state to do so, as evidenced by her disastrous Las Vegas residency. This eagerness to be on the music scene with new material, combined with bad publicity online, is proving detrimental to career's career.

Carey has released commercially and critically failed albums back to back. First "Elusive Chanteuse" and now "#1 To Infinity" (Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Headed For Divorce After He Does Interview About His Sexual Conquests). This is not a good idea for a mainstream artist. Carey should have taken time off to get things in order. Quality over quantity. The late Whitney Houston, who is truthfully the best selling female artist of all time, did not release an album until she felt she had gotten it right.