Thursday, June 4, 2015

How Mariah Carey Went Crazy

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola in the 1990s

Mariah Carey's ex-husband, Nick Cannon and separately her brother, Morgan Carey, are stating the singer is mentally ill. This is citing the obvious, after years of bizarre behavior from the singer. Actually, she started off her career sane in 1990. However, an opportunistic marriage to music industry svengali, Tommy Mottola, for money and fame, made Carey crazy.

Mottola used to spy on Carey in terrible ways and it brought out paranoid schizophrenia in her. Some people can stand up to mental abuse, recognize it for what it is and get it out of their lives. However, some people fall prey to it and sustain lasting mental damage.

Mottola had hidden cameras in the house he shared with Carey. He illegally wiretapped all the phone lines in the house, in addition to her mobile phone. Carey was routinely followed by his security, some of whom have ties to the mafia, as does he (which he bragged about in an interview). Mottola wanted to ascertain whether his significantly younger wife, half his age, was cheating on him.

After a few years of this invasiveness, then a vengeful campaign to destroy and separately copy her career when she left him (Jennifer Lopez Continues To Copy Mariah Carey), Carey snapped in 2001 and tried to kill herself. Her minders had to smuggle her out of the Mercer Hotel in New York, trying to avoid the press, after she tried to kill herself and began babbling strange things. Carey was admitted to a psych ward for months to receive treatment for mental illness. Mottola wanted to break Carey for leaving him and for a young, gorgeous baseball player, Derek Jeter...and he broke the law to do so via spying, among other things.