Monday, May 25, 2015

Rapper Future Threatens Football Player Russell Wilson Over Him Helping To Take Care Of The Rapper’s Son With Ciara

Future Still Angry Ciara Upgraded To Russell Wilson

Ciara and Russell Wilson
Rapper and producer, Future, who cheated on fiancée Ciara, with fellow singer, Rihanna, among others, while she was pregnant with his child, continues to show his jealousy regarding charming multi-millionaire football player, Russell Wilson. Ciara began dating Wilson recently. The couple made a splash at the White House correspondents dinner in Washington, DC. Last week Ciara posted a photo of herself embracing a smiling Wilson, confirming to the public they are still together.

Future issuing threat over Russell Wilson

This past weekend while out on a date, Wilson pushed the baby’s stroller (pram) along while condoling with Ciara. Future saw the photo online and became very angry. People began taunting the rapper online that Wilson was being a father to his son, while he was out messing with groupies. Future responded by issuing an ignorant threat in the form of a pic containing two footballs and three guns pointing at them. Many have interpreted it as a threat to Wilson. How juvenile of Future.