Thursday, May 21, 2015

Google Calls Black President Obama's White House 'The Nig*a House' And The Supreme Court 'Dumb F**ks'

Google Maps labels the White House "nig*a house" and the U.S. Supreme Court "dumb f**ks"

Google has been left with egg on its face after its Google Maps search feature allowed users to incorrectly label national landmarks in America with pejorative names. External websites are pointing out the fact that when the public searched for the home of America's president, the White House, currently inhabited by the nation's first black head of state, Barack Obama, Google maps boldly labels it the "nig*a house."

Obama: they called me what...
The U.S. Supreme Court didn't fare well either as Google Maps issued them the identifying tag the "dumb f**ks." Yea, everyone at Google is mysteriously gonna get audited now by the IRS (LOL). One would think Google would have a feature that locked landmarks in Google Maps preventing the public from attaching inappropriate names to them.