Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Floyd Mayweather’s Tumultuous Relationship With His Father The Source Of Much Of His Anger And Acts Of Violence Against Women (Video)

Warning video contains explicit language

Welterweight boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather, real name Floyd Joy Sinclair, is the highest paid athlete in the world. His recent bout with boxing star Manny Pacquiao earned May weather $250,000,000, adding to his preexisting $200,000,000 fortune. Mayweather came from an impoverished background in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mayweather was raised in crack houses by his dad, Floyd Mayweather Sr., who was a drug dealer. Mayweather Sr. was sent to prison for years, convicted of selling crack cocaine and missing out on many of his son’s formative years.

Since being launched into the spotlight, Mayweather has been the subject of claims of physical violence against women. Mayweather spent two-months in jail for punching and kicking, Josie Harris, the mother of three of his four children. Mayweather was also convicted of beating two of Harris’ friends at a night club. Melissa Brim, the mother of Mayweather’s eldest child, went to police on two occasions accusing him of punching her.

Floyd Mayweather

Many people grew up poor in the ghetto, but do not engage in acts of violence against women. When men engage in this behavior, there is a deeper source of the problem. Much of Mayweather’s anger problems stem from his tumultuous relationship with his father. Mayweather has a significant amount of anger and animosity towards his dad for his treatment of his mother and not being there for him. Mayweather has a closer relationship with his uncle Roger, whom he credits with helping him become a successful boxer.

Despite all Mayweather has achieved in the world of sports, he still has a great resentment for his dad, which is fueling his rage and acts of violence against women. He is following his father’s example. 

When a man involuntarily leaves or deliberately walks out on his family, it has a profound effect on everyone involved, especially the children. Male children from such household grow up with feelings of insecurity. Some children blame themselves. Other children blame the parent and the anger over time turns to rage. It is a terrible thing for a child to watch their parent leave. It damages them. It embitters them. 

Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather worked hard for his money. Here’s hoping choices he is making won’t cause him to lose it. Mayweather needs to stop engaging in acts of violence against women and people should forgive him. A good therapist can help Mayweather sort through his problems regarding his dad. It would make a difference in his life. There needs to be healing in that situation, as it has created issues in his life that has impacted his family in a negative way.

Another example of fathers’ abandonment creating issues with their sons is music producer Quincy Jones. He saw his father walk out on his black mother and marry a white woman, which began to negatively shape his views. There’s nothing wrong with interracial relationships, because when you love someone color does not matter. However, Jones developed a complex from what his father did and it poisoned his mind against women of his own race.

Jones refused to date black women, picking up wrong cues from his unfaithful dad that something was somehow wrong with being black and marrying a black woman. Jones then cheated on and left wife after wife, 3 women in a row, all of whom were white. His biographer attributes this to his dad’s damaging conduct in abandoning his mother. The problem is not with black women and the problem is not with white women. The problem is with Jones and what his dad’s conduct did to his psyche as a boy.