Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Floyd Mayweather Dismayed At Booing In His Boxing Win Over Manny Pacquiao

What Brought Mayweather To This Juncture

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao

It was billed the “fight of the century” but some fans, both famous and non-famous, have now branded it “underwhelming.” After 5-years of anticipation, undefeated American champion, Floyd Mayweather, fought his top rival, beloved Filipino star, Manny Pacquiao and won in a unanimous decision.

Item circulating online stating "Pacquiao was robbed"

Pacquiao and his supporters were shocked the fight was not awarded to him. A dismayed Pacquiao stated, “I thought I won the fight.” Pacquiao's aunt later stated the fight was fixed and people paid to give the win to Mayweather. An item also began circulating online from the Nevada State Athletic Commission that alleged revealed discrepancies and problems with the fight’s scoring, leading some to stay Pacquiao was robbed.

Mike Tyson and many others were "underwhelmed" by the fight as there was no knock out or knock down, but a lot of running and chasing  

Mayweather’s supporters stated he fought the same fight he always does, a defensive game, consisting of evading one’s opponent and won as a result, bringing his record to 48-0. One day before the fight, Marcos Maidana, who fought Mayweather twice last year and did not prevail, warned in an interview with Boxing Channel that the champ would win, due to the game plan he employs for every fight. Maidana stated, “Mayweather will do what he always does, run and Pacquiao will chase him.” That's exactly what happened.

The Judiciary Report would like to see a rematch between Mayweather and Pacquiao, but next time with a few changes. For example, only 500 tickets were placed on sale to the fight at the MGM. If there is a rematch, several thousand tickets should be made available for sale and at reasonable prices (most of the revenues for the fight came from pay-per-view anyway, not ticket sales).

Pacquiao and Mayweather after the fight

The remaining thousands of tickets can go to specialty ticket brokers. Many tickets ended up in the hands of celebrities, some of whom were not really boxing fans and only wanted to be seen at the event. Some missed the under card, which was quite good, due to arriving fashionably late. Open up future events so more everyday boxing fans who truly appreciate the sport can afford a ticket and the whole experience.

Mayweather v. Pacquiao again proved that boxing is an enjoyable sport and the Judiciary Report would like to see it continue to flourish. While the Mayweather v. Pacquiao purse is not the norm and was the largest in history, even breaking pay-per-view records, at the end of the day, people must remember, sports is a business and people need to be paid for their labor.

Mayweather Booed

Floyd Mayweather

Immediately after the fight, Mayweather was booed by a largely American audience at the MGM Grand, on his home soil, which was quite ironic and left the boxer very angry and upset. Being booed by a home crowd could not be easy. However, Mayweather's life outside the ring, via his image, created the booing and general lack of support from the public. He recently slammed boxing legend Muhammad Ali and gold medalist sprinter, Usain Bolt, for no reason, which did him no favors with the public.

Floyd Mayweather and son Koraun Mayweather

Mayweather’s personal life has overshadowed his boxing. Mayweather has been accused of being a serial woman beater and was arrested and jailed for 2-months for beating the mother of his children, Josie Harris, in the presence of his kids. Mayweather’s son, Koraun, ran to security guards at the gated community he, his mother and siblings reside in, begging them to summon police to help his mom, who was being beaten by his dad. Mayweather repeatedly punched Harris in the head and twisted her arm. Koraun later referred to his father as “a coward” for beating his mother in what was clearly a traumatic experience for the young boy (The Mother Of Floyd Mayweather Children Tells All And His Son Calls Him A Coward For Beating Her).

Mayweather was also accused of beating Melissa Brim, the mother of his first child, who filed a police report against him. Mayweather was accused of slamming a car door on Brim's jaw, pushing her into the vehicle and repeatedly punching her. Mayweather was also accused of choking Brim's adult son during a separate incident a year ago (Floyd Mayweather Under Police Investigation For Choking His Daughter's Half-Brother).

Millions of dollars of Mayweather's jewelry he displayed on social networking

The Judiciary report has warned for the past two-years that Mayweather's image was getting him into trouble with the public and leading to something bad. Being booed in one's home country after fighting a foreign rival is proof of that. Mayweather’s flashy displays of wealth on social networking has also offended many (Mayweather's Money - A Break Down Of His Massive Spending That Could Make Him Broke).

It is not a matter of one displaying favorite cars, clothes, jewelry or a home, as many do on social working without offense. It is Mayweather’s excessive displays and "money is everything" motto, branding it the important thing in life that has caused public offense. It is not a matter of the public being jealous, as without the masses buying his boxing tickets, Mayweather would not have become rich. It's public contempt for such extreme displays of materialism and in essence appearing to worship money, especially in times when there are so many impoverished and homeless people in our world, that has created additional damage to Mayweather's image.

During the post fight press conference after the Pacquiao bout, Mayweather stated he does not appreciate people branding charitable Christian, Pacquiao, "good" and him "evil" saying some are referring to him as "the devil." Mayweather expressed at the press conference that he believes in God and prays as well, which is good. However, Mayweather's hedonistic lifestyle with many girlfriends and conduct such as posting a photo of devils and money on a pic with his children and parents, gave the public the impression he is evil and in Hollywood's "Illuminati" provoking contempt from social networking (Floyd Mayweather Alarms And Angers His Fans By Posting Photo Of His Parents And Children Adding Devil Faces To The Image).


Mayweather posted this photo to social networking with devil faces leading people to brand him evil to the boxer's dismay

Mayweather’s harem of women has turned off many people as well, as it is deemed indecent, immoral and unethical. Mayweather publicly brags about his girlfriends and refers to women as “bit*hes” and “hos” in an image many people dislike and have shunned him over. Mayweather has run off many decent women from him with this image and attracted gold diggers such as thieving, backstabbing Princess Love (Blogs Accuse Floyd Mayweather's Girlfriend Of Stealing 8 Rolex Watches And $10,000 From One Of His Mansions) and money hungry, scheming ex-fiancé Shantel Jackson.

Jackson, who secretly cheated on Mayweather during their relationship, pretended to be sweet and supportive while using him for every dime, jewel, car, purse and designer outfit she could, then aborted his twin babies without even telling him, in a very unkind act that haunts the boxer to this day. Mayweather has not been the same since Jackson betrayed him and aborted his babies. He has become depressed and embittered from a relationship that never should have been. Then, Jackson dragged him into court trying to take all his money she can, making allegations, much of which are untrue and unkind.

Shantel Jackson and Floyd Mayweather

Jackson, who is pretty in looks but not in deeds, lied to Mayweather to manipulate him and control his money, by telling him he stressed her out causing a miscarriage, when she had deliberately aborted his babies not wanting to gain weight, as she wanted to be a model and actress. As the phrase goes, "Pretty is as pretty does."

Famous men who chose vain, greedy women, who are preoccupied with fame and material things, find out the hard way they never loved them, in the event they lose their money and or fame. Women like that will not stick around to be poor and unknown with a famous man who loses his money and or popularity.

Mayweather has two private jets and 100 cars
What some men fail to understand is any woman can lie and tell you what you want to hear, but it does not mean she means what she's saying. A decent woman will not do that, but some crafty, scheming women will tell you everything you do is right and say all the things they think you want to hear, for the promise of money and or fame from you. However, lose that money and or fame and watch certain women abandon you.

For example, a gold digger told a certain male athlete who shall remain anonymous (I'm not referring to Mayweather) everything he did was right (even though some of it was self-destructive and financially imprudent). Due to yes men and yes women around him, including her, his money went right down. Financial opportunities dried up due to bad behavior on his part, which also caused his popularity to wane. She got so mad at him when she figured out the money was running out. Her true colors came out when she found out his money had gone right down and he could not give her the lavish lifestyle they were planning. She ditched him for an older man with a bit of money, whom she did not love either (that went bad as well).

If someone loves you, they will tell you the truth, even if it means the risk of upsetting you, as they have your best interest at heart and don't want you to make poor choices that will cause you to needlessly suffer. You may get upset with them for telling you the truth about things that are not right in your life, but you'll look back one day and realize they did it from the right motive and because they love you.  

Mayweather's Negative Example For Impressionable Men

Floyd Mayweather's girlfriends he openly brags about having sex with

Another of Floyd Mayweather's girlfriends Liza Hernandez he has sex with


Floyd Mayweather's on and off again girlfriend Princess he kept in a luxury home and had sex with

What is also alarming is the younger impressionable male athletes and entertainers online trying to emulate Mayweather's hedonistic lifestyle in their own personal lives, imitating the boxer's behavior via publicly bragging about sexing many women and having different girlfriends at the same time. It will unquestionably lead to massive trouble for them in following Mayweather's negative example. Athletes and entertainers following Mayweather's negative example with multiple girlfriends will see their personal lives crash and burn.

Some of these athletes and entertainers trying to emulate Mayweather with many girlfriends will end up with HIV and other tragic events in their lives, as a result of messing with all these women. As the phrase goes, "There's a high price to low living."

Many of the athletes and entertainers imitating Mayweather's wild lifestyle with women and gambling are inadvertently chasing away sponsors, who do not want their brands represented by stars doing these things. Mayweather has many millions and huge job opportunities 99% of athletes and entertainers will not receive in their lifetime (such as multi-million dollar fights). These younger athletes can't afford the gambling and could end up broke when women also start turning up pregnant and demanding money, not to mention the potential loss of their health via STDS and sponsors not wanting to pay wild living stars for endorsements. In short, stop trying to be Mayweather before you destroy your life and do yourself permanent damage.

Floyd Mayweather with a duffel bag full of money

The Judiciary Report would like to see Mayweather living right by enrolling in anger management, desist calling women derogatory names and stop engaging in promiscuity. That is not the lifestyle God wants for anyone, as it has a painful price over time. It is subtly destructive. It has already caused Mayweather great injury via the gold diggers he has attracted, who have robbed and betrayed him, as well as grievously aborted his unborn babies without telling him. Women of character do not do these things. Fame hungry, materialistic gold diggers do.

Mayweather has been generous to people. It would be great if he continued to do good works for charity and expanded it via positive initiatives to help the less fortunate. It would be great if he settled down with a decent woman as well and spent more of his time with his children and not the gold diggers after his money and fame.