Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Chris Brown Almost Went To Jail Again In Latest Fight (Video)

Another Violent Dust Up!


In the March 23, 2015 article "Chris Brown's Probation In The Rihanna Domestic Violence Case Ends But His Legal Woes Are Not Over" the Judiciary Report stated, "Brown is also in danger of being caught up in another criminal case, due to affiliates and the fact violence keeps following him in well documented incidents."

Chris Brown looking worse for wear again

In the April 30, 2015 article "Chris Brown's Bipolar Medicine Is A Dangerous Mix With His Other Habits" the Judiciary Report expressed concern over Brown doing drugs and drinking alcohol whilst taking medication for bipolar disorder. Fast-forward one week and Brown got into another fight this past weekend. Brown punched a man in Las Vegas, Nevada on a basketball court. The unnamed man went to police. The police issued Brown a misdemeanor battery citation. However, Brown got the man to recant his $tory and now the case is closed.

Chris Brown in concert

As stated in the column previously, Brown's medications are not going to work correctly with marijuana and alcohol present in his system. The alcohol is creating agitation. It's not safe taking drugs and alcohol with pharmaceutical meds. It will have adverse reactions and some properties in the illegal narcotics and alcohol will cancel out or agitate properties of medical compounds.