Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Underage Teenage Girls In A Gang Arrested For Brutal Attack On 15-Year-Old In New York (Video)

Several teenage girls from Erasmus High School in Brooklyn, believed to be apart of the Young Savages street gang, an offshoot of the Folk Nation street gang in Chicago, have been arrested over a brutal attack on a young rival in a New York McDonalds fast food restaurant. 16-year-old Aniah Ferguson called members of her gang to descend upon a Brooklyn McDonalds to attack 15-year-old Ariana Taylor. Ferguson accused Taylor of having written something she disliked on Facebook.

During the confrontation Taylor threw the first punch. Within seconds, Ferguson and the group of girls swarmed the smaller Taylor, beating her to a pulp. The girls punched, kicked and stomped Taylor and ripped out her hair extensions. Ferguson repeatedly kicked and stomped on Taylor’s head. They lived up to their gang’s name - savages.

Ariana Taylor was beaten by several girls

A young Hispanic male was later seen intervening by picking a battered Taylor up off the floor and placing her on a chair, in trying to get her away from the violent girls who carried out the beating with a pack mentality. Even as he moved Taylor away, who was slipping into unconsciousness, Ferguson still kept trying to attack her smaller rival, who was limp and visibly injured.

Ferguson took Taylor’s purse, makeup bag and coat and threw them in them in a dumpster (garbage/skip) outside the restaurant. The girls fled the fast food restaurant. Taylor was hospitalized for her injuries, twice in one week as she collapsed days after release due to the concussion, broken nose and various bruises from direct body blows.

Aniah Ferguson led the group of girls in beating Ariana Taylor

The assailants thought that was the end of it. However, someone had filmed the brutal fight and uploaded it online. As the video spread on You Tube and social networking, the girls foolishly tagged themselves, bragging over their fame for the illegal beating they issued Taylor. Politicians and community leaders in New York began to condemned the fight and the crowd in the local McDonalds for not doing anything to break up the fight. Some students cheered on the lawbreaking juveniles. Some later told the press they did not want to intervene for fear of being beaten as well.

Police issued a statement ordering the girls involved in the beating to come forward, as the victim refused to cooperate and name them as her attackers. One by one police identified, tracked down and arrested each girl from the fight. The ringleader in the fight, Ferguson, is a young woman with a rap sheet containing several arrests that include, stabbing her brother in the arm and being arrested on weapons charges. The 7-year-old punched her 65-year-old grandmother in the face twice and scratched up one side of her face.

Aniah Ferguson being arrested

Days later she bit a police officer, who tried to enforce a restraining order her grandmother filed after the attack. On another occasion, a neighbor reported seeing Ferguson’s grandmother run from the family’s home stating the 16-year-old was going to, “Burn the house down.” Ferguson was also previously arrested for assaulting a woman, then biting the police officer who arrested her.

Ferguson’s violent tendencies, rage issues, fixation on fire and complete lack of empathy reveal she is a psychopath with schizophrenic leanings. Ferguson is a danger to the community. Her repeated arrests also reveal an unwillingness to reform. Medication and correctional behavior is warranted.