Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rihanna Slammed For Rant On Indiana Religious Freedom Law


Barbadian singer, Rihanna, took to the stage in Indiana, performing her latest stolen song, "B***h Better Have My Money" and launched into a foul mouth, expletive laden rant about the state's new religious freedom law. The problem is Christian businesses want the right to object to participating in items that go against the faith. For example, Christian bakeries want to turn down orders that go against the religion.

Jewish owned bakeries and other business of the Hebrew faith want the right to reject catering or providing services for Neo Nazi gatherings or other items promoting Hitler, due to the historical atrocities committed by the deranged, deceased former murderous world leader.

TMZ covered the story, looking for controversy and uploaded the video of Rihanna's explicit rant in Indiana. Many Americans responded in the feedback section of the TMZ article overwhelmingly slamming Rihanna over the profane rant, stating she is "not American" and "Go back to Barbados." Here is a sampling of the feedback statements on TMZ:


Rihanna Puts Indiana On Blast ...Your Law Is Bulls**t!!

4/6/2015 10:00 AM PDT - Rihanna knows where Indiana lawmakers can stick their Religious Freedom Restoration Act -- and basically told 'em to their faces during a performance in the state capital. RiRi went into political overdrive at the March Madness Music Fest over the weekend, and fired up the crowd by saying, "Who's feeling these new bulls**t laws they're trying to pass around here?"

Her rant continued with even more profanity as she launched into her hit, "Live Your Life." Check it out -- based on the crowd's reaction ... there's strong support for the proposed changes to the law.

Rick Leslie - And yet she was totally willing to perform in the state and take money for it -- how gallant.
ejstinnett - This reminds me of the french idiot country singer that came over here shooting her mouth off! I think it was one of the Dixie Chicks, but anyway, she's an idiot that smokes alot of weed.and is probably gay also! What do you expect?

Christysmyname - Hard to take that foul mouth seriously. Take a seat trash mouth

Emmy - Im confused about the law she's actually referring to.... I thought there was a law on equal rights already in place?

Annie Mae - Yes, because one way to get people on your side is for a high school dropout, hood foreigner to scream obscenities. Stick to lip-syncing and twerking.

claire emsisnotgravy - So.. then you agree that a jewish bakery should have to cater a neo-nazi celebration of hitlers birthday?

AJ2 claire - I would be glad if she went back and stayed in Barbados. She has her own country to think about not ours.

American Mulatto - i sincerely dislike this industry come dumpster. She is not even an American citizen OR a resident of Indiana. She needs to take several seats... and stay seated. Permanently.

Claire - The-b***h can barely speak recognizable English. She's just Chris Brown's ex nut rag. Every major rapper in Hollywood has had her at some point, and all this nasty c*mguzzling-smut is good for is giving h*ad. Her p***y is probably looser than a torn patio screen and breath probably smells like eggs Bene-di*K-Arnold.

AJ2 Dori M Butterick - If she said that in Syria,she would have been ambushed and killed. Bodyguards can only do so much.

Magwheelz Dori M Butterick - Wisconsin here. Now how about her being consistent when overseas? ;-)

Magwheelz Dori M Butterick - Let's see her speak up in Saudi Arabia..or take your pick of country that kills gays and even women for asinine reasons.

Magwheelz - Would love to know what countries she performs at and/or has her music promoted at..that actually do treat gays and even women like crap..even killing them if it's something against their religion.
American - Then go back to Barbados

Jeff Jackson - Rihanna can barely speak English let alone convey a rationale thought and she is not even a US Citizen..... who cares what this dirty non-talented druggy ho says...

Rudy Stein - I'm more p1$$ed at the "put on blast" statement, that's the stupidest saying next to "throwing shade".

Emmy - Typical tmz pro gay propaganda....

Justsayin - I'm sure the people in Indiana don't give the slightest ?? what this beotch thinks! I bet she didn't know anything about this until two weeks ago. Poseur!

American Mulatto - Ha-ha! How?! That pear-headed-b***h doesn't care about Indiana's laws or those gays, that-b***h only cares about promoting herself by starting a conflict of interest (COI) in the media. It is the ho's way of remaining relevant since her music is dogs**t and she is nothing but Chris Brown's discarded nut rag and punching bag. Maybe the-b***h should return to Barbados and "Live Ya Life...Aaa...aaa, aaa...! Foh.

claire - Exactly. I'd like to see her go to the middle east and parts of africa and tell them that their laws are BS!

RxExec - I would be interesting to hear her actually explain it, and articulate her objection to it.

opInIonly - I'm totally old school when it comes to music...not only am I fascinated by their originality but they had a lot of class. Almost everyone wanted to be a "lady" or that "handsome" guy. I don't see or hear anything inviting about artist today. Ijs...