Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pharrell Williams Is A Chronic Copyright Thief But Is Protesting $7,500,000 ‘Blurred Lines’ Verdict Obtained By Marvin Gaye Estate

Robin Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell Williams

Madonna's producer, Pharrell Williams, a known music industry copyright thief and member of the Kabbalah Center, which experts have labeled a cult, was sued recently for stealing the music, not lyrics, for the song "Blurred Lines" by co-writer/singer Robyn Thicke. They even went so far as to arrogantly sue the estate of the late Marvin Gaye, for a judicial decision stating they did not steal the song, which was rejected by the court.

Gaye's estate later sued them in a legal action and won a judgment of $7,300,000 against Williams and Thicke. The estate is now seeking to sue rapper TI, who illegally profited from the thefts of copyright.

Prior to the Gaye estate filing suit, many notable musicians slammed Williams and company for their theft and arrogance to the point, the offenders began begging the Gaye estate to settle the case, due to the bad publicity. In actuality, they are grave robbers. There are certain people in the entertainment industry such as Pharrell Williams, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, John Mayer, the Dream and Jay Z, among others, who routinely pillage and plunder the catalogs of deceased artists, believing no one will figure out what they have done. That is until the surviving heirs of the deceased artists hear their family members works in new songs, used without permission or payment to them.

The fact Gaye is a music legend is the only reason the case made it to trial. Copyright cases are routinely thrown out of U.S. courts under corrupt circumstances, such as judges being bribed with stocks, cash and other items of value secretly passed to them or family members. I have seen this with my own eyes, in matters law firms have contacted me about, after facing similar corruption at certain judges' hands.

Pharrell Williams leaving court after verdict in the "Blurred Lines" copyright case

Williams wants the public to believe the “Blurred Lines” case is a one off incident that was accidental but it is not. Williams is a chronic copyright thief, who has been sued a number of times for stealing preexisting music. Williams is known in intellectual property law offices around America and the world for being a copyright thief.

One of his most disgraceful acts of copyright infringement, conversion, fraud and exploitation, occurred when he stole dozens of copyrighted beats belonging to a then 18-year-old internet musician, Joseph Zuckoni. Williams, like many copyright thieves, scours the internet for items to steal from lesser known or unknown artists, songwriters, producers and other creative talent.

Williams came across Zuckoni work when the unknown posted excerpts of some of his beats on the singer/producer’s message board. Williams’ fans on his site knew of Zuckoni from Williams internet forum. Williams heard and liked the beats Zuckoni posted online. It caught Williams attention and he contacted Zuckoni. Williams lied to the young man and promised to make him a member of his production outfit The Neptunes. Williams told him to bring all the beats he had made to him in a New York recording studio, sending him a ticket.

Pharrell Williams and fellow thief Madonna

Zuckoni, not realizing at the time that terrible thieves and vultures exist in Hollywood, followed Williams’ instructions. However, Williams was conning him. Williams took the CD-ROM discs with over three dozen beats Zuckoni had made, then told him he would contact him soon about being the newest member of the Neptunes production team. The next thing Zuckoni knew, Williams took his beats, illegally re-copyrighted them in his name and sold each beat for $250,000 to various recording artists, such as fellow thief, Jay Z, pocketing millions in ill-gotten wealth, in criminal violation of the law.

Zuckoni exposed Williams online, retained a lawyer and sued in court. Other cases have been filed against Williams for copyright theft such as this one. Williams has also stolen lyrics from me for work he did with Madonna (take a look at some of fake Madonna's many thefts of other artists preexisting copyrighted works). Madonna illegally obtained a copy of my vast, preexisting, Library of Congress registered intellectual property catalog, via hacking traced back to the staff of Madonna.com. The lyrics, not the music for the song "Blurred Lines" are also illegally taken from a copyrighted song I registered

10-YEARS AGO called "Blurred Lines" that Pharrell gained illegal access to via working with Madonna.
Williams is a fake and fraud. It's almost comical that he is sitting up on the set of the show "The Voice" dispensing music advice to aspiring singers, when he is nothing but a copyright stealing criminal, who does not belong in the entertainment industry. He never should have been famous, as he stole other people's property to become rich and famous, in criminal violation of the U.S. Code and United Nations laws.