Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Congress Reintroduces Songwriters Equity Act Legislation But Will It Stem The Wave Of Copyright Infringement In Hollywood

Copyright thieves Pharrell Williams and Madonna

Congress has reintroduced legislation called "The Songwriters Equity Act Of 2014" for legislative review, aimed at providing proper rights and royalties to songwriters in America. As it stands, many songwriters in America or who have had material released in America voluntarily or involuntarily via copyright infringement by Hollywood,  are being cheated out of the royalties/money due.

Let’s face it, the U.S. court system does not work. I've covered enough civil and criminal cases on this site to realize to come to this conclusion. Not to mention the terrible injustices the whole world witnessed via the Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and Eric Garner criminal cases. No copyright case filed by anyone other than a music legend has made it to trial in America. Hollywood routines bribes judges to throw out copyright infringement cases, for fear juries will see the truth and hit them with multi-million dollar verdicts.

Pharrell Williams

Copyright infringement and criminal copyright infringement is a way of life and business in Hollywood. Much of what you watch on TV and hear on the radio and internet contains copyright infringement. The reason this is happening is because Hollywood is run by organized crime, who want to maintain a stranglehold on the industry.

America has thousands upon thousands of talented indie and lesser known singers, songwriters, musicians and producers, capable of producing great, meaningful music. However, due to the fact certain criminals in Hollywood want to continue their fraudulent reign, they have set up Hollywood in such a way that if you want to be in the entertainment industry you have to deal with them and sign over the majority of your rights or be subject to theft and unrelenting criminal attacks. 

Chronic copyright thieves Jay Z and Beyonce

As these individuals determined to run Hollywood are not talented, they rely on stealing preexisting copyrighted music, films, videos and other intellectual property they see and hear online or receive in the mail as submissions, to maintain their stranglehold on the industry. This creates a terrible lack of variety, limiting the public's buying choices to the same mainstream artists.

Indie and lesser known artists spend months and years writing songs, paying to have them recorded in smaller studios, then released and not for greedy, fame obsessed mainstream stars, such as the frequently sued Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna and Madonna, to steal them in minutes, illegally taking money and credit for it all over the world.

Chronic copyright thief Rihanna

Congress is slacking on the issue of copyrights. People should not be able to so easily just steal others’ copyrighted intellectual property and present it to the world as their own for undue enrichment and ill-gotten financial gain. If the victim(s) complain, they are subjected to threats, harassment, insane fans being encouraged to attack them on social networking, placed articles of a defamatory nature and rude, bribe taking judges throwing up every roadblock on trying to thwart and destroy one's legal rights.

The government is greatly to blame for the lows the entertainment industry has fallen to, as none of this should have been allowed, not for one minute. However, due to campaign donations from stars, the legislature and White House looked the other way, to what has become a publicly embarrassing problem that has greatly damaged the judicial system's name in America and the world.

Chronic copyright thief Kanye West

Congress allowed thieves like Madonna, among others, to bring the judiciary's name into domestic and international disrepute and for what? So a set of lazy idiot stars, who should not be famous in the first place as they've stolen all their material, can illegally enrich themselves, disgraceful and dishonorably taking money and awards for other people's property they stole.

As stated in past columns, many law firms are forgoing suing in America for copyright infringement, branding the judicial system hopelessly corrupt, due to the bribery Hollywood has been engaging in. These idiot stars are not worth the judiciary's name. America is full of talent waiting to be discovered and recorded. Those are the people who should be in the entertainment industry, not a bunch of greedy, fame obsessed stars trying to steal everything they can get their hands on to maintain fraudulent careers that were never meant to be.

Chronic copyright thieves Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell
It amazes me sometimes when certain thieving stars sleep their way into record deals or obtain it through other questionable means, then steal copyrights left, right and center to become famous, then go on stage and thank God for winning an award, because they believe it will give them a good image in America, a nation that is largely Christian. 

God has no part in your career. God is not a thief, fraud, criminal or a liar - you are. Your actions are the equivalent of someone robbing a bank and saying thank you to God for the money that does not and will never belong to them, as it was illegally taken from someone else in acts forbidden by law.


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