Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Madonna To Be Dropped From Record Deal Due To Massive Flop ‘Rebel Heart’


Madonna’s latest copyright infringing, ill-fated CD “Rebel Heart” is a massive flop in every way (Boycott Madonna's New CD 'Rebel Heart' And Songs Such As 'Living For Love' Which Are Stolen Constituting Criminal Copyright Infringement). Not only did it fair very poorly on the Billboard charts, it debuted with very weak sales, then fell right off without a trace. Despite the significant promotion, financial incentives and gifts given to currently popular artists to promote Madonna and appear with her as well, the CD failed.

Drake looking violated and gagging after Madonna french kissed him seeking publicity. Drake exclaimed in disgust "What the f**k was that."

As a result, Madonna is set to be dropped from Interscope. “Rebel Heart” has cost them money and resources that could have better been used on other artists who would have turned in better sales. However, Madonna has a questionable and highly illegal backroom deal with Interscope, fuelling the record deal.